Life Lately v1.18 – 21 Days of Gratitude and Meditation – Let’s Do This!

Recently on Instagram Stories I shared that I am starting 21 Days of Meditation and Gratitude. I asked if anyone would like to join me and so many of you responded “Yes”! Your messages and motivation are so encouraging. I hope to make meditation and gratitude a regular practice this year and can’t wait to do this together. Over the years, I’ve had an on and off relationship with meditation. I always feel so much more at peace and calm when I meditate, but found it tough to meditate regularly with work, school, and family commitments. This year, I’m adding gratitude to my meditation practice and hope to continue throughout the year! I start by writing down one thing I am thankful for each day and then meditate for 10 minutes usually before I go to sleep. Do you use Apps or journals to help with meditation and gratitude?  Would love to hear your tips / Apps to help make our meditation and gratitude practice stick!

Life Lately – V 1.18

Here’s a recap of our week so far!

  • Cough – Since we arrived back from our trip to the US, Aadhav has been under the weather. Hearing your little one cough, especially in the middle of the night breaks your heart. I wanted to do everything in my power to make that cough go away! I consulted with my pediatrician who recommend Saline drops for the baby’s nose and Baby Vicks to rub on his feet and cover with socks. This worked but Aadhav still had a lingering cough that would get more aggravated in the morning.
  • Natural Remedies – Since you can’t give a baby cold medicine, I turned to natural remedies to find a cure. I asked for tips on Instagram and was so touched by all your advice. Here are the most suggested tips 1) Use the Nose Frieda to remove mucus 2) Use a humidifier with essential oils  3) Rub crushed garlic mixed with warm mustard oil on the baby’s tummy and back 4) Put a cut onion under the crib 5) Keep the baby in an elevated position . We tried the garlic rub with warm mustard oil and it worked wonders!
  • Beauty hack – I love GlamGlow YouthMud but it’s pretty expensive. I’ve been using the Aztec Indian Healing Clay (Under $10!) as a dupe and my skin feels so refreshed after!
  • Recipe Love – I am a HUGE fan of the Instant Pot and love this Moroccan Chickpea Stew recipe. It was easy to make and turned out so yum.
  • Baby Fav – At 4.5 months, Aadhav’s favorite toy is his baby laptop. It’s great to put in front of the baby for tummy time and he loves pushing the buttons!
  • Quick read –  Props to CVS for stopping photoshopping of its images and encouraging beauty partners to do the same!
  • Fashion Finds – Recently I’ve been loving cozy sweaters from J Crew! This reversible sweater (how cool is that!) is so perfect for a night at home or dinner with friends. With the Singapore heat in mind, I bought this Coral One-Shoulder Bow Top (On Sale for $20!) and can’t wait to wear it this weekend for date night!


  1. I have always heard of people benefiting from meditation and how powerful it is. I should be following you on Insta to keep track and learn more too.Hope your little one is feeling better now.

  2. Anchal says:

    Saline drops have always helped us during the cough and cold days. Hope your LO feels better soon.

  3. Aww baby colds are the worst and I too swear by saline drops and Nosefrida. Such a saviour. We still use it in our toddler days sometimes. Best baby product I bought.

  4. Mediation has been recognised across the globe as a beneficial practice.. I hope some day I join your clan and cleanse my body through meditation and yoga!

  5. Meditation does help calming minds and helping gain focus. Wishing you all the best to finish this challenge
    Neha recently posted…Plan a trip to Hong Kong this spring break with your children.My Profile

  6. I remember how tough it was when my daughter’s used to have cold when they were small. 21 days of Meditation and gratitude sounds great.
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  7. Hope baby aadhav is doing well now. As far as meditation goes, I’d love some pointers as well. I lack discipline and get distracted too quickly.

    • Hi Disha – Baby is doing great. When it comes to meditation I am in the same boat. As I continue my practice – I will be sure to share tips!