How to Rock your ‘6-11’ Side Hustle with ReeMat Designs

Earrings by ReeMat Designs

//Earrings by ReeMat Designs //

I started Social and Style with two goals: gain experience launching a venture and help other female entrepreneurs fulfill their purpose. Flashing back two years, I was sitting in a grad school classroom waiting to hear about our class project. During grad school, I worked full-time and then spent my evenings / weekends in school. Intense and challenging, the program helped me discover what you can really accomplish when you focus on your time and energy. I also learned the importance of switching hustle mode off. My mind needed a break from the work-school-work grind. I knew I wanted my project to be something creative, fun, and that truly interested me. There in that classroom, the idea for Social and Style was born. Since college, I’ve been deeply involved in the South Asian community. Through my involvement, I realized that there was a lack of communication and ways for South Asian women to collaborate and share ideas. Sure there are Facebook Groups, Networking Groups, etc. but I wanted to create a platform to share and discover ideas. After doing some research, I realized that a blog was the best way to get started. Two years later, Social and Style has grown, evolved, and become a part of me. The blog has always been something I worked on during my ‘6-11’ or after (‘8-6’) work hours. Recently, I read an article in Forbes, How Millennials Can Find Fulfillment By Pursuing A ‘6-11‘. The article felt so spot on and I wanted to share my own experience pursuing on my ‘6-11’. For this post, I paired my outfit with earrings from ReeMat Designs. I am big fan of the company’s founder, Reena Mathur,  and just love how these earrings can be paired with just about anything from indian wear to western looks!

How to Rock Your ‘6-11’ (Side Hustle)

  • Discover what you love to do: Take time to notice the areas in your life that bring you the most joy. Is it when you are social with your friends, alone by yourself, taking care of your family, cooking, painting, running, working out, etc..?For me, I get this feeling of excitement: I am in the moment and I feel this inner sense of accomplishment.
  • Do more of it: Now that you know what areas of your life bring you the most joy – do more of it! I know this is easier said than done, but investing in these areas will not only make you happy, but those around you happy because you feel inspired and honestly happier.
  • Start a blog!: Seriously, starting a blog is the best way to hone your passion (s). Trust me, you know you really love something if you are willing to get up at the crack of dawn to take photos in natural lighting! There are blogs on every topic from cooking to photography. Through the blog, you can figure out what drives you and what resonates with your audience. From there you can grow your blog, start a business, meet like-minded people – so many possibilities!
  • Share what you love: Once you’ve started your blog, business, dance company, etc., share your ideas, progress, areas you need help with, and accomplishments with your family and friends. Social and Style grew because I shared the blog. At first, it’s scary to share. Once I started – I felt so supported that I had to keep going.
  • Trade-offs – Starting something, especially a ‘6-11’, is not as glamorous as Instagram makes it out to be. A ‘6-11’ is about managing trade-offs: this definitely gets more intense as you have a family and children. It’s about making decisions on how you want to spend your time and energy. You also have to understand that your ‘6-11’ will affect other areas of your life. For instance, blogging definitely impacts my relationships. As a blogger, you have to be active on social media, which often takes you away from enjoying the moment. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve derailed a fun afternoon with Snap, Insta Stories, and of course taking pictures. In the end, you have to make decisions on how to best manage your trade-offs and what’s important. More on this in future blog posts!
  • Not 100% is ok: Personally any % is good enough. With any ‘6-11’, there will be times when you are not on the ball. Like very often – and that’s ok. It’s ok to be behind, not caught up, and sometimes not your best. Of course we would like to be, but 100% perfection is impossible with a ‘6-11’. Often, I feel so guilty and hard on myself that I don’t blog regularly. It’s a fact that those who blog consistently have better readership and engagement. I wish I could, but with work and family commitments – consistency evades me. I’ve come to accept that and post when I can and try to do my best. I really do hope to get into a regular schedule soon and that’s a goal of mine.
  • Eyes on you: Spend your time focused on you and your passion. This is something I am working on. It’s so easy to get caught up in comparing yourself to other’s and their success. There are tons of bloggers with way more readers, followers, endorsements, etc. I’ve learned if I spend too much time on what other people are doing, I loose my momentum. It’s good to look up to people for inspiration and motivation, but when that is taking away your own energy – you know you have to focus on you. Personally, I’ve unfollowed a lot of people on social media. I was spending too much time viewing what other people were doing instead of working on my own hustle.
  • Own your success: Congratulations and be proud! So many people sit on the sidelines of life, scrolling through Facebook and news feeds. You’ve created something and that is an accomplishment. Whenever you start something, that energy and the experience will always lift you.
  •  Believe in your Big Goal: Starting is the first step, but believing you can be truly successful comes from within. You have to believe it can happen. Whether your dream is to be on Shark Tank, be a stay at home mom, help the elderly, etc. you have know in your heart it can – and most importantly WILL come true. We don’t know the exact path and how things will unfold, but starting your journey and believing will put you in the right direction!

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One Shoulder Red cocktail dress - Sachin and Babi

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Sachin and Babi Neiman Marcus Ruby Indian Earrings US  Sachin and Babi Nordstrom one shoulder red dress

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Disclosure – this post was sponsored by ReeMat Designs. As always – all opinions are my own



  1. Megha says:

    Very relatable – more posts like these please!

  2. Great tips! You have done really well and come so far blogging considering you have only done it for 2 years!
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  3. “Whenever you start something, that energy and the experience will always lift you.”
    That’s what keeps me going!
    Lovely post n u look gorgeous.