Babymoon Part II in Paris and a Birthday celebration!

Location // Parc Monceau // Dress H&M //

Good morning, I’m writing today from a cafe in Paris with a hot chocolate on my right and an apple filed pastry on my left. Filled with gratitude, I feel blessed to be healthy enough to travel during my pregnancy and enjoy this time as much as possible.  I had a pretty tough first trimester – I stayed indoors for almost 2 months with nausea and tiredness. Thankfully my second trimester has been wonderful so far and I have been able to travel.  As I write today , there is so much I want to share about how I have been feeling about this blog and social media in general over the last few months. As I prepare to become a mother, I am paying a lot more attention to how I view the world and what I contribute. I feel like a lot of what I post makes it seem like life is great 24/7.  As with anyone, that is definitely not the case and to be honest – I’ve had my share of struggles adjusting to my new life in Singapore. Consciously, I try not to write about negative things since I want the blog to be a place of positivity and inspiration. At the same time, I want to be honest, real, and I am really tired of the perfection portrayed on Instagram and social media on a daily basis. So do I balance? Do I quit? Or do I try my best to put a sincere effort towards being more real on the blog? I’ve decided to go with the latter and share some much needed changes I’ve made my life. Many of these changes were inspired by listening to Oprah’s Soul Sessions from Season 3 – especially Gabby Bernstein and Tony Robbins.

Gifts to myself on my 34th Birthday

After landing in France Sunday afternoon, I met my husband and celebrated my 34th birthday with a low key dinner. To celebrate my birthday – I decided to gift 3 things to myself this year:

  • Focus: The saying – what you focus on becomes your reality has never been more true since I moved to Singapore. In each moment – we have the choice to decide what we focus on. Do we think about what’s going well, what we are thankful for, what we have OR do we think about what’s not going well, our problems, what we lack, stress, our to-list, and what we don’t have. Of course, we have to think about normal things on a day-to-day basis such as work deadlines, finances, etc, but is the underlaying current of our thoughts one of lack or do they come from a place where feel thankful, energized, and excited about life? I realized I had to make a major shift in what I focus on. Health, our baby, love, family, what I have, what’s going well, the blessing in my life – I am working on making these thoughts what I focus on rather than what I lack.
  • Gratitude: I wake up each morning and say what I am thankful for. Then throughout the day, my feeling of gratitude slowly fades. From thinking about to-do lists to what I want to accomplish – would all to soon turn into focusing on what I’m not doing right and the problems I face. Of course, scrolling on social media would not help and if I didn’t stop myself – I would soon feel not good enough, frustrated, and unhappy. I’ve learned I have make a conscious shift. This starts with having thoughts of gratitude that can help center me and bring me back to peace – or as Tony Robbins calls it – a beautiful place. For me, these are moments filled with pure bliss such as my engagement, finding out I was expecting, memories with family and loved ones, and moments I felt most proud such as career /life achievements.
  • No more comparing: Comparing. We all do it from comparing with siblings, family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and even people we have never met! Sometimes comparing can be good and motivate you to make a change, achieve a personal goal, etc. Most often, comparing makes you feel like you are not good enough. This is something I truly have to work on. I have people that I aspire to be like from entrepreneurs to major influencers. While I appreciate all their hard work and dedication, often I find myself feeling like my efforts are lame compared to what they have achieved. Honestly, most of the people I compare myself to, I have no idea what their life is really like. What problems they face or what issues they have to deal with. We all know with social media – everyone else’s lives seem so perfect. With blogging, social media comes with the game and you kind of have to be a part of it. To ensure I am experiencing social media in a healthy way, I now limit the time I spend. I also make sure I don’t aimlessly scroll when I need a break, am tired,  or feel stressed. I stop myself when I compare myself to other people. I literally say out loud “Beautiful Place” and train myself to think of something I am thankful for. This small shift has helped me so much. I feel a lot more at peace and with peace comes  inspiration, motivation, dedication, and opportunities.  Universe – I am ready!




  1. Trisha says:

    Really honest and truthful post Kamana -keep it up!

  2. Beautiful dress and pictures Kamana and totally with on #3. Each has their own story and situations, we all have to learn to tell our own story in the most authentic way possible without comparing or being influenced by others

  3. What a great post Kamana. You definitely have to be real and be honest, I find that people will be able to relate more. No ones life is perfect 24/7. I’ve shared some of my drama that took place a couple years ago just recently, it’s hard to share personal info when we are in the midst of it. Happy for you! Your Paris stories were fun to watch. :)
    Nisha @ Honey, What’s Cooking recently posted…Beet Strawberry and Goat Cheese Arugula Salad (healthy, antioxidants, gluten-free, low-carb)My Profile

    • Than you Nisha! It’s so brave of you to share your personal journey. I agree with being real and honest and hope to share more of that in this blog <3 Glad you enjoyed the Paris posts and your latest macaroon recipe is AMAZING!

  4. this is a great post Kamana, that I’m sure many, including myself can relate. I have fallen into the comparing trap myself but in the end I realized being authentic and being myself should be good enough whether I have 200, 2000 or 20,000 followers. As for showing reality of social media, you always look amazing to me and very positive and I’d love to see the other parts as well. <3
    Salma recently posted…Tips to Help You Prepare for RamadanMy Profile

    • Thank you so much Salma for this comment. You are always such an inspiration and I appreciate your honesty. It’s people like you who keep me going! I will definitely try to share the other parts as well. Thank you!