Celebrating One Month with Baby Aadhav!

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On Saturday, we celebrated Baby Aadhav’s One Month Birthday. I can’t believe it’s been a month since I held my beautiful baby for the first time. The days really do go by so fast with a little one. These last four weeks have been the most beautiful, amazing, intense time of my life. Thankfully Aadhav makes it easy for us. As we get the hang of parenting, I’ll be sharing all the ups, downs, burps, and laughter with you. As a new mom, I’m learning so much, making mistakes, and trying to be the best mom I can be. Some days are better than others, but each day fills me with joy when I see Aadhav smile, grow, and experience the world for the first time. Everyday is different and everyday I feel more confident as a mom. I’ve also learned how important it is to have a support system. Having my Mom here in Singapore is truly a blessing. I could not do it without her. While my focus and energy is with Aadhav, my mom makes sure I am eating (all my favorite foods), resting (when I can), and helping with all the chores (there’s A LOT of laundry for such a tiny baby!). Each month, I plan to share an update on Mommyhood – stay tuned!

Celebrating One Month with Baby Aadhav!

  • Beautiful Baby: I know every mom loves their baby and it’s the same for me. I can stare at Addhav for hours (and thanks to breastfeeding I do!). Our little one is such a pleasant baby and we are so thankful. In the fourth week, Aadhav is interacting more and smiles whenever we do. I’m learning that babies really do reflect the energy around them. When I am calm, he is calm. When I smile, he smiles. When I get tense at 3am diaper changes with crying, spit up, and unexpected peepee all at the same time – he gets tense. I’m  trying to relax more and go with the flow (literally!).
  • Mom Life: Honestly life is completely different. Most of my time is spent feeding, burping, and diaper changing. There are also lots of cute, cozy cuddle sessions with my little glowworm. In the last two weeks, Aadhav has been sleeping for longer stretches. which give me bits of time to blog. While it takes longer to get a post up, I’m learning to be more efficient with my time.
  • Nursing:  While I was ready with the nursery and all the baby essentials, I was not ready for nursing. First, I didn’t have a proper setup. I thought I would feed in our bedroom with the headboard as back support. Wrong! The first day we returned from the hospital, I realized that feeding on the bed was so uncomfortable. Shiv had to go to Ikea the very next day to get an arm chair. While I love the chair, I wish I would have bought it before the baby arrived to make our first days at home more peaceful. On the feeding front, Aadhav is doing great. I pumped for the first time this week and fed with a bottle – so far so good!
  • Nursing Part 2: Another surprise was figuring out how to spend my time while nursing. During the first week,  I spent too much time on my phone. Now I make sure I have at least one session when I am present with the baby – no distractions. His cute little face makes this easy. I would love suggestions on what else moms do when nursing!
  • Support: So so so important. When I came home from the hospital, my body was still recovering. My mom made sure I was eating, resting, and taking care of myself so I could take care of the baby. It’s also so wonderful to have my mom there for support as I learn to become an amazing mom from her.
  • Must Haves: I’ll do a full post on this soon but here are some products that have helped so much!
  • Mom Judgement: I am going to write a whole post of Mom Judgement and Mom Guilt. Thank you for all your support on this post.
  • Recovery: This is the question I get asked about the most. When I feel mostly “recovered” I will share all the details with you first! For now, I really believe that the stamina I gained from working out consistently before and during pregnancy helped me cope with all the changes. Physically I feel about 80% there and mentally I am focusing on gratitude and positivity. I started a new gratitude practice that I will share soon!


  1. Trisha says:

    Happy One Month Birthday Baby Aadhav. You look amazing K!

  2. Hetal Patel says:

    We love The Wonderful Things You Will Be. I read the book to my 6 month old every night before his dream feed.