Why Changing Up Your Workout Is the Best Thing You Can Do Today!


I am loving the fitness community in Singapore! Everyone is so friendly and there are so many different types of fitness studios to try. As you know, I am a BIG fan of HIIT bootcamp classes. Before I moved, I was taking 4-5 HIIT classes a week for the last six months. That rush of adrenalin always kept me coming back. After about the fifth month, I started noticing that both my mind and body were reaching a plateau. While I was working hard, I wasn’t seeing results and my body felt fatigued. When I moved to Singapore, I decided I needed to switch things up. I turned to GuavaPass to invigorate my workout routine. With GuavaPass, I am able to take premier fitness classes in Singapore with their partner studios. So far I have tried outdoor bootcamp, music flow yoga, and pilates. By changing up my workout routine, I feel stronger and more energized. While I still love my bootcamp classes, I also enjoy yoga, Pilates, and discovering new workouts that bring me joy. I just signed up for a ninja warrior workout at Bounce – I’ll keep you posted!

Why Changing Up Your Workout Is the Best Thing You Can Do Today!

  • Focus – When you get used to a class, it’s easy for your mind to wander. Mine often thinks about what I plan to eat after class! Changing up your routine, classes, and studios, helps you stay focused. During class, I now feel more mindful and present in the moment.
  • Refresh – What I love most about working out is feeling energized and strong. When working out becomes routine, it feels mundane and I lose that spark. With each new class I try, I feel proud that I tried something new and my body feels refreshed.
  • Condition – When I was doing HIIT classes all the time, my body felt like it was working hard. Too hard. Now that I change things up with yoga and Pilates, I get more out of each workout by feeling which part of the body I am conditioning. For instance, in my power Pilates class, I really feel my core when doing each move.
  • Fun! – I used to think my workouts had to be tough. No pain no gain was my mantra. With the classes I have tried through GuavaPass, I’m learning to have fun and while getting a great workout. Typically in a yoga class, we try our hardest to look like we know what we are doing, stick our poses, and not fall! In my music flow yoga class, we were able to let loose, have fun, and not have to stress so much about trying to be perfect.

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  1. Mara says:

    Lol I think about food too during my workouts ;)

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