#DesignerSpotlight – Meet Anaita founder of Lustre


// Earrings –  Lustre // Jumpsuit – KIRAN X PAWANA // Photography – Hoethdor //

Now that I’m a mom, I’m learning what it means to be a mother. Learning how to parent, raise a child, and pursue your passion is not easy. I always put my baby first and strive to give him the best life possible. At the same time, I’m figuring out how to balance motherhood and my own sense of self. When I was eight months pregnant, a friend introduced me to Anaita, founder of Lustre – a jewelry brand that designs high quality semi precious jewelry for the contemporary woman. After speaking with Anaita, her mission to create jewelry for women who have no age, knows no boundaries, and are stylish without having to try hard resonated with me. Anaita believes that women are unique and perfect in their own way. At first, I tried to shoot the earrings while I was (very) pregnant. My face looked puffy and I felt so huge that I decided to wait until after I had my little Aadhav. Three months later, I still felt like I was not ready. Soon I realized I would never feel “ready”. My body had gone through the most miraculous experience and I decided to embrace it. Even though I don’t look like I used to, I’m learning to be confident in the body and woman that I am today. I’m excited to share my first fashion shoot post pregnancy with you and Anaita’s beautiful earrings. Read more about Anaita and her design inspiration below!

From November 23-28, Lustre will donate 10% of its sales to Aseema. Also enjoy free shipping on all orders over $75 with code ‘#ThanksForGiving’.

#DesignerSpotlight – Meet Anaita founder of Lustre

  • Tell us more about what inspired Lustre: I have always loved silver and gemstone jewelry. I think this, in particular, is almost a rebellious part of me because growing up in India only gold and fine gemstones were truly valued and appreciated. I was living in Singapore for a couple of years and on a family holiday to Sri Lanka, I spent some time sourcing stones and had a few pieces made while I was there. When I came back to Singapore, I started doing some research (more anecdotal than serious market research) and I realized that there were a few brands / shops selling really beautiful fine jewelry, and a couple of people who had businesses that brought in jewelry usually in cubic zirconia, or crystal from China or Korea. There was no one designing or making jewelry using natural gemstones. The idea for Lustre was born, and it began as a curated concept, along with a few pieces that I had designed. Over the years, the philosophy has moved to most of the collections being designed by me personally.
  • How is Lustre different from other jewelry companies? I think each brand | company has their own ethos, and that’s what allows all of us to coexist happily in a saturated market place. With Lustre, there are a couple of touchpoints that are close to my heart, and that I maintain above all else:
    • The core of my business is gemstones, and keeping that in mind, the jewelry I design will always employ real gemstones. They cannot be simulated, or glass – (I am always surprised to find out just how many well known brands use simulated gemstones). With the exception of simulated diamonds (and that’s only because of the price point ), I never use any imitation gemstones in my designs.
    • I start with a design in my head, but always keep a price point in my mind. Lustre fits a certain niche in our market – That of a brand that delivers high quality jewelry with real gemstones, but always at an affordable price point. I strive to deliver the best bang for the buck you pay, and I truly believe that this shows. There’s not too many brands that deliver natural gemstones, quality products, limited number of pieces and at an affordable price point. In this, Lustre is truly unique out here.
    • Design with no particular age range in mind. This is very very important to me. I think I was born an “old” soul, and we live in a world that celebrates the new, the young, the current, and the “it” thing. As a person, none of this sits comfortably with me. I admire the women who don’t feel the need to fit, to conform; they are the ones that push the boundaries of style. And that’s the woman I design for. It is thrilling to see that my clients fall into a very wide age range. I believe that jewelry is about a style, not about how old you are, and not if you can or cannot wear something. Every woman can carry off any piece of jewelry. It’s about confidence, not age.
  • Tell us more about your design philosophy. I don’t believe in “fashion” – by that I mean, that the whole idea of designing for a season, which lasts a couple of months is not who I am. I don’t dress that way or spend my money on things that way. Things have to last. They have to have a life of their own.  They should be shared with and worn by your sister, your best friend, perhaps even your daughter. I loathe fast fashion, and hence don’t design with the conventional spring-summer, or autumn-winter seasonal schedule. The design process is based on my own particular whimsy, and very often reflects an emotion, rather than anything else. Having said that, geometrical shapes, and nature are strong points of inspiration for me. In the case of my one of a kind pieces of jewelry, I need to trust the individuality of the raw gemstone itself, and allow its shape, and its colours to guide the design process.
  • What advice do you have for women who would like to wear statement jewelry with everyday clothing? 3 words. Go. For. It. I would never presume to know more about you, your sense of style or levels of confidence. Jewelry is about confidence. If you think you can carry it off, you can. It really is that simple.
  • How can women get the most mileage out of their jewelry? Break it up; Don’t wear items as sets; Mix silver and gold. Have fun with it. It’s not permanent like a tattoo – you can take it off and try something different tomorrow. I wear my diamond chandeliers that were part of my wedding trousseau with jeans because I feel like it. Jewelry is about emotion, just like perfume.
  • What’s next for Lustre? Because I believe in the longevity and growth of e-commerce, this is where Lustre is really focused on. I continue to grow the business online and expanding our marketing efforts internationally. It’s an exciting time to be a growing brand, and I am happy to be a part of this momentum with the vibrancy of the whole social media space blurring the lines between showcasing and selling.

Connect with Lustre: Instagram, www.shoplustre.com

Anaita – Founder of Lustre




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