#DesignerSpotlight – Meet Tracy Smith – Founder of Miss Desi Couture

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One of my favorite things to do is design my own Indian outfits, inspired by the latest trends and my personal style. For my first Diwali as a newlywed,  I wanted to wear something that reflected the excitement and sentiment of the Indian New Year. Thankfully I found Tracy Smith – founder of Miss Desi Couture –  just at the right time! Tracy believes in traditional South Asian outfits with a modern twist! Together we designed a beautiful lengha with a flowing cape. After sharing the final look, so many of you wanted to learn more about Tracy and her design philosophy. I chatted with Tracy to learn more about what inspires her and what’s next for Miss Desi Couture!

#DesignerSpotlight – Meet Tracy Smith – Founder of Miss Desi Couture

  • Tell us more about what inspired you to start Miss Desi Couture?! There are three big things that inspired me to start Miss Desi Couture. My culture and background, my love for drawing and being creative, and finally my passion for fashion. I’ve always been into fashion and obviously love dressing up. I have also loved art, drawing, and sketching since I was a kid. I started off drawing Disney characters but then slowly started moving into fashion figures, which led me to where I am today. I used to just draw for fun as a stress relief.  Then one day it got me thinking, why don’t I actually try produce these and make them come alive.
  • How is your design process different from other designers? I love being unique and thinking out of the box! I take pride in taking today’s modern South Asian fashion and blending it with our traditional heritage. I always make sure I have a good relationship with my clients and really try to understand what their personality and style is – so I can adapt this to the outfit. Most of my clients always actually use my tagline ‘traditional with a modern twist’ when they approach me because they want to be respectful but also want to throw out their personality and this is exactly what we aim for.
  • What trends are you loving this season? I love the velvet trend that is out at the moment. It’s a comfortable fabric to wear and totally fit for the Fall. I’m also loving the simplicity look which allows you to focus on one area of the outfit. My favorite area is the blouse, because you can have so many shapes and styles. I tend to lean towards having a heavy/detailed blouse with a simple lehenga skirt, paired with a sweet dupatta. Of course who doesn’t love pearls and florals right?! I am a big fan of finer details from florals to pearls and diamantes.
  • How does your background, growing up outside of India, influence your designs? A big influence is my background, being born in India (Kolkata) and being brought up in the UK gave me the chance to blend both cultures. Whenever I would have a wedding function to attend, it would always be mixed ethnicity. As we are Catholics but as a family we are very cultural towards the Indian tradition. I would always want to mix up my Indian outfits with my Western clothing to create a fusion look that respects both cultures and religion. I love crop tops! Literally love them because they come in so many different styles and forms from cut outs, v-necks, sweetheart, off shoulder, lace, bralettes etc. Taking those crop tops and embellishing them with beautiful Indian traditional embroidery artwork is amazing! Embroidery such zardosi, thread work, got patti, kantha, and many more. That’s pretty much how I tie in both cultures and create an Indian outfit with modern tailoring. Keeping that street style vibe with spicy Indian artwork is how I like to see it.
  • What tips do you have for readers with South Asian outfits sitting in their closets? Don’t let them sit there collecting dust! Upcycle them by mixing and matching. If you have a saree that you love but need a new blouse, get one designed that you would love to wear instead of buying an entirely new outfit. Or even better, just like me mix it up by pairing it with a crop top. Pair up a maxi skirt with your saree or lehenga blouses. Remember fashion doesn’t go out of date, old is gold! Bring back all those outfits sitting in your closet with a modern blend. Styling yourself and bringing out your personality is key with Western or South Asian outfits.
  • What’s next for Miss Desi Couture?! I am currently working on projects that I plan to launch soon and it’s very exciting for the little ones let’s just say. Apart from this, I’m working hard to get my website (which is a blog at the moment) converted into an e-commerce site. This is taking up most of my time as I want it to be perfect. Coming from a digital marketing background, I’m the biggest critic of my work so bear with me. My ideal dream would be to enter the Next Gen designers at the Lakme Fashion Week!

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