A Day in the Life of a Celebrity DJ – Meet DJ Biks


When working, driving, or prepping for a blog post – I always have my favorite songs playing. From hip-hop to Bhangra, upbeat songs make up my playlists. I used to spend hours looking for music and artists until I discovered DJ Biks. Known for his unique style of mashups and remixes. DJ Biks mixture of hip-hop, world music, rock, house, and fusion make his sets a truly unique experience. Having known DJ Biks since he first started DJing in Washington D.C., it’s awesome to see him crush it as the Official DJ for Jay Sean and as an internationally renowned DJ playing for A-list celebs like Beyonce, Sean Paul, and Kanye West in the hottest clubs all over the world!

If you follow DJ Biks on social media, you get to see how much fun (and dedication) goes into following your passion and making it happening. I sat down with Bikram to get a glimpse into a day in the life of a celebrity DJ.

A Day in the Life of a Celebrity DJ – Meet DJ Biks

  • What’s a typical day like for DJ Biks? 
When I’m on the road, my morning starts by waking up at 6 am, rushing to pack my bags, trying to catch my next flight. The first thing I grab are my sunnies since late nights and early mornings don’t go well together. On the plane, I am trying to get as much sleep as possible before landing. As soon as we land, I go straight to the venue to do a sound check and from there it’s a roller coaster of adrenalin. Everyday my life is something new – that what makes it all worthwhile.
  • Tell us about how you became a DJ?! I was a young nineteen year old hanging out with twenty-five year olds who were DJs. Honestly we were all just trying to look “cool”. I would carry their stuff for gigs and help them during shows. One night while helping my friend setup, a girl came up to me and asked if I was the DJ. Of course I said yes and then she gave me her number. She told me she would come to hear me spin again next week. I was like, “this is awesome” – and then had to tell my boy this girl thinks I’m a DJ. My boy was cool and said, “I’ll let you play this premix tape and wear the headphones”. The girl came the next Saturday – but what I remember is the feeling of being in front of an audience – feeling their energy and being a part of their excitement.
  • How did you become the official DJ for Jay Sean? I was huge fan of Jay, like every other 16-17 year old girl at the time. I helped with his first show in the US (my fan boy dream come true) and then became his tour manager. I mentioned to him that I DJed, but it took awhile to really show him my sets. The first show we did together, our chemistry worked so well. I knew what he was thinking, we had a flow and I could vibe off him. Everyone knows Jay is very funny and laid back and so am I. That’s what’s kept us together for over ten years. If you are together 24/7 you have to keep things fresh with humor – yes we are like an old married couple.
  • What’s been your favorite experience as DJ? The F1 Race in Abu Dhabi. Walking on stage, I saw a crowd of 65,000 people on the beach partying. Everyone was so hyped –  the rush, the power of getting the energy up, it was the most amazing experience. I went out and played right in front of the crowd. As a DJ you can practice, but it’s really all instinct. You forget everything and vibe off the crowd, see what they like, what get’s them pumped. Another great experience was being on The Ellen show. She was so friendly and gave us handy cams to take back stage. They played our backstage footage and the set was a hit!
  • How do you create your famous mixes and remixes? DJing is really an art and science. We are more than just “high end ipod controllers”. When I do my shows, I think about the audience. What songs do they like? What are the club anthems in that country? I create my set to build energy and balance highs and lows. I want to catch a person’s attention as soon as they walk into the club and take them on a journey. My sets also have a South Asian influence. My mom always played Bollywood and Bhangra in the house growing up and taught us to be proud of our Punjabi heritage.
  • What’s next for DJ Biks?! 
I am DJing in London and Paris this weekend and doing a set for BBC Radio One. When I get back, I go tour with Jay Sean for our Middle East Tour!

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  1. Very cool. Working with Jay Sean and some of the other celebs is huge. Proud to see Indians going mainstream in the entertainment industry. You look so pretty!
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  2. Love reading about all these success stories in the South Asian community. I’m definitely going to have to check out DJ Biks Music!
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  3. This interview gave me such a rush! Loved the part where he talks about playing for 65,000 partyers in Abu Dhabi! Wow! As always, this interview inspired me; these stories you are capturing are fabulous! Great pics, too!