#Fitness Doonya – a total body workout inspired by Bollywood!

One of my goals this spring is to change up my workout routine. I love that feeling of experiencing something new that is great for my body and mind. The first workout on my fitness bucket list was Doonya. Living in Washington D.C., I’ve seen Doonya blossom from a performance troupe to a thriving international business. Doonya combines the fun and spirit of Bollywood with a total body workout. I tried my first Doonya class on Saturday and can’t believe I waited so long! After class, I spoke with Kajal Desai, Co-Founder of Doonya, to learn more.

The Doonya Experience 

Kajal D

  • What is Doonya?! Doonya is a total body workout that helps you feel sexy, strong, and fit by incorporating movements of Bollywood dance.
  • How is Doonya different from other Bollywood workouts? Fitness is a science. We’ve put a lot of thought into our routines. It’s not just dance, we incorporate muscles and movements that make you stronger.
  • What inspired Doonya? It was really just the realization that even without being fully thought out yet as a fitness program, our students were seeing results in both body and mind. They felt happier and more confident and it made us realize there was something there. By creating a workout that was fun and effective we could make Bollywood music and movement, accessible to the world while helping students reach their fitness goals.
  • What type of person should try Doonya? Anybody! We pride ourselves on being uninhibited. We have fun when we work out and want you to enjoy your Doonya experience. It’s not about getting every step right. It’s about getting into the routine and having fun while conditioning your body. We are considered a medium impact fitness workout. We include intervals of high and low intensity to ensure our routines meet the needs of beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts.
  • What’s next for Doonya?! Currently we have DVDs, a show on ZeeTV, and classes around the US. Our goal is to continue creating and building upon the Doonya experience. You can find out the latest news on Doonya (we’ve been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Oz, Kelly & Michael, Glamour magazine, and many more) by connecting with us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

 Check out Doonya today – I love this quick and effective Ab workout and these 3-Minute Arm & Back and 7-Minute At-Home Sculpted Arm workouts!

Click here to find a Doonya class near you. I took the class in Sliver Spring and my instructor Bahar was fantastic!