Four Steps To Embracing Change Like A Boss


Moving from the East Coast to West Coast and now moving across the world – there is a lot of change going on. Throw in newlywed life into the mix and my life is all about change. At first, change used to scare me. Growing up, we lived in the same home my whole life. Things were predictable, safe, and I felt at ease. After going to college, 30 minutes from where I grew up, I realized I needed to stop playing it safe. I joined a brand new practice at work, became the youngest manager ever promoted, and traveled throughout the US and Internationally 90% for eight years! As a management consultant, where I worked and who I worked with constantly changed. During this time, I matured and realized my strengths and values. Many of you wrote to me asking how I feel about moving. I respond to everyone the same – bring it on! Yes there will be so much I’ll miss: family, friends, Trader Joe’s (if you follow me on Snap – you know just how much I love Trader Joe’s!). Even though I love my life here in Sonoma, I have to focus on the new experiences and adventures moving to Singapore will bring. To get myself ready for the transition, I put together a list of things that will help me embrace change that I thought to share with you. Let me know your tips on dealing with change like a boss in the comments below!

Four Steps To Embracing Change Like A Boss

  • Acceptance – Change is going to happen. Accept it and move on to step 2!
  • Preparation – Figure out the things you truly need to help you deal with change. Think of these things as the constants in your life. I try to stick with five – here are mine:
    • A good eyebrow lady! This may sound crazy but no matter where I am or what I am doing, I have to have my eyebrows in check. Clean eyebrows make me feel so much better. No matter where I traveled when I was in consulting, I found a good eyebrow lady.
    • Phone time : Chatting on the phone with your loved ones is the best way to feel comforted. No matter how far we are, I talk to my family everyday (more like several times a day). Having someone to talk to, who knows how you feel without even asking makes dealing with any change so much easier.
    • Gym: For me to feel like myself, I have to workout. Naturally, I have a lot of energy and need an outlet like HIIT, Bootcamp, or anything high intensity to get my body feeling strong and balanced.
    • Chai: Every morning, each morning, I have to have my chai. This may sound crazy but I even used to pack my own mini hot water kettle with me when I traveled just in case the hotel didn’t have one. Chai is that constant in my life where I feel at home no matter where I am.
    • Yoga: Each morning after my cup of chai, I do about 5-10 minutes of yoga. Practicing yoga for over 10 years, my body feels energized and ready to start the day when I stretch. Even if all I have time for is 6 quick sun salutations, I still get out my mat do whatever poses I can.
  • Indulge: Make the best out of whatever change is happening – the best way you can. Even though I am an East Coast gal, I embraced life if the North Bay by indulging in all that I could. From weekends at the vineyards to hikes in Muirwoods, I focused on all the new things I loved instead of what I miss.
  • Hold on to what matters: With change, you don’t have to let go of everything. Moving from DC, I learned how important it is to invest in the relationships that matter and stay in touch. I also plan to bring as many Trader Joe’s Chili Lime seasoning jars, Peanut Butter Protein Bars, and Dark Chocolate Truffles as I can with me to Singapore. Like I said – hold on to what matters ;)


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  1. Interesting post and lovely pics.yes eyebrows!! :) that’s one of things which gives me energy :)

  2. Sahleen says:

    Loved reading this! Inspiring!

  3. I am not great with change, but your attitude towards it is so inspiring!