Hi…I’m Back!

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I want to start this post by saying I’m back and I missed you! Sometimes, you need to take a break from blogging and focus on what matters most in your life. More on that in upcoming posts… While I never expected the break to be this long, I am thankful that I took time to reflect, mature, and be thankful for what I have in life. As you may remember from previous posts, the move to Singapore went smoothly and I am proud of myself for adapting to my new home so quickly. Soon after the New Year, I went back to the US to meet my new baby niece. It was then that I realized I needed to pause and be more present in my life. Blogging had started to become a main priority rather than a creative outlet that I loved. Thank you for all your messages and patience during this time.  So many of you wrote to me checking to see if I was ok and that meant so much. Now that I feel rested, I am full of ideas to write about! While I was away, I learned I loved fuss-free healthy cooking, read a ton of books (I can’t wait to share with you), and most important – I want to get back to writing about topics that inspire readers. Relaunching the #PowerWomen series is something I am excited about, along with lots of travel posts (next up our trip to Bali)!

What I learned from my blogging break

  • Present Moment: As a blogger, you are always on the look out for creative inspiration to share with readers. Sometimes this means that you spend a lot of time on your phone and miss out on what truly matters. I’m learning to find more of a balance and share during times when I am not with family and friends. Also there are times when I keep the phone away like in the mornings or on evening walks so I can be present and be more mindful.
  • Comparing: Let’s be honest, everyone looks at the number of likes they get on photos, the number of comments, followers, etc. Personally, I am motivated by content creators who work hard, up the game, and prove that you can follow your passion. Unfortunately, there are some bloggers / influencers who use unfair methods to grow their audiences. I now trust that people who create meaningful, honest, truthful content will always prevail and let all the other stuff go.
  • The Time In Between: This is truly the most important thing I’ve learned. On social media, we mostly share the highlights of our day, month, and life. I do too. During this break, I focused on how to grow and mature during the time in between. We all love celebrations and the good times, but we develop most during the time in between – our day-to-day lives. And it’s not about getting to the next achievement, it’s about how present we are, how we feel about ourselves, and how we help others on a daily basis. That’s what matters most.
  • Social and Style: Every time I take a break, I learn more and more that I delight in the ability to create, share, and collaborate with readers. So many of my closest friends from back home and in Singapore I met through blogging. Also, I truly believe in supporting small businesses, especially female owned small businesses. I am thankful that Social and Style provides a platform where I can support entrepreneurs and inspire readers to follow their passion.

Thanks to you, I always feel like I have a home and a safe place to be myself and share what I love. I may not blog as regularly as I used to, but when I do share – I am proud that it is meaningful. I hope you find it meaningful too!



  1. What a thoughtful, meaningful post that highlights so many of the issues that the blogging/social media world creates. It’s wonderful that you are promoting the power of staying true to who you are, and posting meaningful valueable content that makes a difference. Good to see you back!

  2. Shruti says:

    Love this! It’s so so so true.