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//Giveaway with Kumari Luxury//

During the last few months, I’ve learned the importance of taking time to be still. I often find myself running from one thing to the other and feel like I am skimming through life. While I am truly thankful for the opportunities to pursue my passions, I’m learning that to move forward you have to be content with where you are. When I learned about Kumari Luxury, the company’s mission resonated with me. Kumari’s philosophy is more than the pure, organic, natural ingredients that they use. It’s a return to that peaceful place that our modern lifestyles often cause us to forget. Each creation is an experience for the mind as much as a (re)treat for the body.

For the first time, in a long time, I took 10 minutes on a Saturday morning to relax and calm my mind. Massaging Kumari’s Luxury Hair Oil into my scalp, I smelled the organic oils and botanicals. Sitting in the sun, I could feel my hair being nourished by the organic coconut and argan oil. When my weeks become hectic, my face is the first place it shows. I tried Kumari’s Rejuvenating Skin Oil, a blend of antioxidant-rich organic argan, rosehip and pomegranate oils, to help bring back my natural glow. The non-greasy formula left my skin feeling radiant and smooth.

#Giveaway – Experience Kumari Luxury

You too can experience the Kumari way by entering our giveaway! Just follow these easy steps to win Kumari’s Luxury Hair Oil and Rejuvenating Skin Oil!

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  3. Answer the question in the comments section below: What’s your favorite way to relax?

Contest is OPEN to all residents in North America. Giveaway will run July 23rd – July 30th 11:59PM EST

Meet Aarti Gala – Founder of Kumari Luxury

  • Tell us more about Kumari Luxury’s philosophy. Life is always really busy. With all the screens and devices we have, it’s hard to find quiet time. Kumari Luxury is about finding a way to escape and take in the moment. With Kumari, we want our customers to connect with the moment and take time to enjoy our products. We create products that can be used for multiple purposes, for mental and physical detox and cleansing.
  • What inspired you to start Kumari Luxury? Growing up, I remember sitting with my mom as she massaged oil into my hair. It was such a sensory experience. I wanted to translate that feeling by creating products that remind us to be still and take in the moment.
  • Why are pure, organic, natural ingredients important to you? The purity of our ingredients is most important. All our products are made of food grade, organic ingredients. We also encourage our customers to reuse our glass bottles with our refill program to offset our carbon emission.
  • What’s next for Kumari Luxury?! – We are launching a new line of products that include body balms, body mists, and body oils!

Connect with Kumari Luxury: www.kumariluxury.com, Instagram, Facebook

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Disclosure – this post was sponsored by Kumari Luxury As always – all opinions are my own. 



  1. Milli says:

    My favorite way to relax is by taking a walk an enjoying the fresh air. I also relax by getting my girls over for a casual brunch where we laugh and just enjoy each other’s company.

  2. Pooja S says:

    I like to relax with a nice long shopping trip where I finds great deals and sales!

  3. Ruchi says:

    A giveaway right after my heart :)

    My way to relax? I meditate with some candles and essential oils thrown around my meditating area. I too never believed in ‘stopping to smell the roses’ but meditation has changed my life. COMPLETELY.

    Won’t you admit that Kumari oils will be the perfect addition?!!

  4. I really love how Aarti stated that “it’s where health and beauty blur”. These days we are so caught up with the next big thing, we forget about natural products that have been around for centuries that are so good for us! I use to not like using oil in my hair when I was younger, but since I’ve become an adult I use oil in my hair quiet often and find that nothing else has really ever worked better than natural oils both for my skin and my hair.

    Having my mom massage my hair with oil is probably the best way I’d love to relax… too bad she’s so far away! Guess I’ll have to do it myself… (not as relaxing! ;)).
    Reshma recently posted…To Do List: SleepMy Profile

  5. My favorite ways to relax are going for a walk alongside the riverfront or a hike on one of my favorite trails. Both are wonderful ways to get in touch with nature. :)
    HilLesha recently posted…Let it Glow with OtaveaMy Profile

  6. craftsonthego says:

    I relax by crafting. I mainly crochet and am learning to knit.

  7. Preeti says:

    My favorite way to relax only comes after all my day chores are done and my home smells fresh and clean. I love the smell of scented candles and essential oils in my home that makes me happy & peaceful. Then I would just relax with a cup of tea and watch some TV. (also when kids are quietly playing in their room). Little things in life can bring calm & peace.

  8. Jenifer S. says:

    My favorite way to relax at home is to fix myself a cup of hot chamomile lavender tea, run a hot bath with some added lavender essential oil and a few drops of jojoba oil and play a few tracks by Ray LaMontagne, Bon Iver, Portishead and Massive Attack and practicing some breathing techniques to release the stress.

  9. kathy mcclanahan says:

    My favorite way of relaxing is to sit out in the garden! Love watching the birds and the progress of the plants! following on instagram (2)