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One of my favorite aspects of blogging is meeting creative and inspiring people. At the start of the year, I started noticing illustrations by LS Art & Illustration on Instagram. Lakshmi, founder of LS Art & Illustration, and I both share a passion for the arts, fashion, and South Asian culture. We soon connected and started chatting about ideas for a collaboration. I loved seeing  Lakshmi’s sketching of South Asian designers and muses. We soon agree that sketching one of my bridal looks would be the perfect way for Lakshmi to showcase her talent and share her sketches with readers. I love how she captured the design and flow of my sangeet outfit so vividly.  I also can’t wait to do a live sketching session when I back on the East Coast. I chatted with Lakshmi to learn more about her creativity and passion for sketching!

Meet Lakshmi Sarkar – Founder of LS Art & Illustration

  • Tell us more about LS Art & Illustration! LS Art &Illustrations is my creative venture that showcases beauty in all forms. I am an illustrator based in Northern Virginia , 20 miles west of D.C.  In the words of Bill Cunningham- ” It’s true as it ever was, he who seeks beauty will find it”.  At the moment, I’m exploring the beauty of the human figure via fashion and diversity. I am drawn to color,patterns and bold lines. I offer custom illustrations for individuals and businesses , art prints of my work and also phone cases with my illustrations on it.
  • What inspired you to start sketching?! I have always been drawing, painting, designing ever since I was a little girl. It led me to pursue architecture as my career for many years. The skills that I picked up as a student, professional and my own thirst to try new art forms led me to where I am today. I’m inspired by color, architecture, nature – everything under the sun is an inspiration! I started sketching fashion illustrations as a way to work on my own skills and as a way to challenge myself to try something new. Exploring a whole new arena has led to many new opportunities.
  • How do you discover / decide what to sketch? I am always on the lookout for interesting, inspiring subjects to sketch. Color, movement, the play of light and shadows, attract my eye. Once I feel I can convey the essence and energy of the subject, I play with it using my watercolors ( my favorite), pens etc,, and interpret it in my own way.
  • What has been your favorite illustrations?  I have many favorites- for various reasons. Some of my favorite illustrations are the ones where I feel I’ve conveyed the most either through the use of colors and/or movement , like this one. Others are the ones which conveyed the most with the least amount of use of brush/ pen strokes like this one– contrasting statements but the illustrations explain what I mean.
  • What’s next for LS Art &Illustrations?! There’s so many possibilities if things fall in the right place.  I am currently working on more digital illustrations using the iPad Pro. I hope to get my Etsy shop filled up for those who would like to buy prints of my illustrations.  I would love to work with more designers and brands. I hope to create a lifestyle experience for my audience and not just fashion. I love to hear from folks. Please do write to me with comments, suggestions and ideas!

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Disclosure – this post was sponsored by  LS Art &Illustrations As always – all opinions are my own.



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