New to Singapore – Meet GuavaPass!


Moving to a new country isn’t easy. Simple things like grocery shopping, taking the train, and finding fitness classes can seem daunting. As I adjust to our life in Singapore, I’m getting into a rhythm and finding our new normal. I’ve decided to treat this time as an adventure to learn more about my new home! Discovering different parts of town and meeting new people, make exploring even more fun. For me, GuavaPass has become a welcoming friend in our new home. GuavaPass is a community of fitness studios and healthy-living experts in Singapore, and across South East Asia and the Middle East. With GuavaPass, you get access to a wide range of studio classes and instructors for a monthly subscription fee. Thanks to GuavaPass, I have been able to explore Singapore by taking classes in different parts of town. The easy to use site and app make finding classes simple. You search by neighborhood and type of class you are looking for. So far, I’ve taken outdoor bootcamp at Fort Canning, pilates in Dhoby Ghaut, and power yoga in the CBD! I’m also loving the classes at GuavaLabs on Orchard Road at the Mandarin Gallery, taught by GuavaPass partner studios. One of the best things about GuavaPass is that you can meet people who have similar interests. The people I met through GuavaPass have been so friendly and welcoming! Here are a few more reasons why I’m loving GuavaPass.

New to Singapore – Meet GuavaPass!

  • Explore Singapore – One of my favorite things about joining GuavaPass is exploring Singapore. With GuavaPass, you book classes by neighborhood so you can discover different parts of the country while taking your favorite fitness classes! By taking classes in different areas, I’ve found so many places that I love from Sentosa to the Botanical Gardens.
  • Access to Studios – Whether you are looking for yoga, bootcamps, kickboxing, spin classes, and so much more – you get access to premiere studios through GuavaPass. Each studio and class has been approved by a GuavaPass team member so you don’t have to worry about quality and can focus on finding classes you love.
  • Flexible Plan – When I first moved to Singapore, I searched for gyms close to where I live and signed up for trial sessions. I soon learned that every gym had a different trial plan and some charged up to $90 to try one class! Even with complimentary trials / day passes, I was asked to sign up for a plan right away. Almost all the studios started with a 12-month plan. Being so new to the country, I wasn’t ready to commit to a year long membership right away. With GuavaPass, you have flexible plans and can find the one that works for you!
  • Make New Friends – Making new friends in a new country isn’t easy. I’ve found it helps to meet people with similar interests. For me, the time before and after class is a great way to make new friends. One tip that works for me to start a conversation is to ask people from class for suggestions on where to eat or get the best smoothie nearby.
  • Stretch Your Self – Literally! Personally, I love high intensity bootcamp. After taking the same classes for 6-months, I’ve learned how important it is to change things up! Here in SG, I’ve been doing a combination of HIIT, pilates, and yoga.  I’ve found my body and mind to be more energized by adding a variety of classes to my fitness routine!

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Learn more about GuavaPass today!

Disclosure – this post was sponsored by The GuavaPassAs always – all opinions are my own.



  1. Ruchi says:

    I moved to Singapore 3 months ago and haven’t been able to find a good gym. I will check out GuavaPass and hope they have class in the CBD after work hours.

  2. You will love Guava Pass!

  3. Wow, that sounds awesome and so convenient!
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