Planning a Babymoon in Paris and a day at the The Palace of Versailles

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Our babymoon in Paris was a dream. It was so nice to relax and enjoy the Parisian lifestyle for 10-days. Also, celebrating my 34th birthday and Mother’s day (Both on May 14th!) during the trip made for beautiful memories. Of all the trips I have taken, this holiday was the most chill and go-with-the-flow. I have my little peanut to thank for that. Given this was my fourth trip to Paris (2nd and 3rd here) Paris, I had already seen most of the major sites from the Eiffel Tower to the Basilica of Sacre-Coeur. This babymoon was about spending time with my husband, embracing the Parisian lifestyle, and being in the moment.  I am so thankful I didn’t go overboard with planning or taking pictures! There is definitely something about Paris that helps you appreciate natural beauty and the simple things in life. Sharing a recap of our babymoon in Paris today, how to plan a babymoon in Paris, and a day at The Palace of Versailles!

Planning a Babymoon in Paris and a day at the The Palace of Versailles

  • Location: Since Paris is very well connected by metro, staying near any metro stop is a good idea. That way you can quickly get to almost anywhere in the city. Given that walking is recommended during pregnancy, we walked a lot and it was a great way to see the city and explore the cafes and side streets. We stayed at the Le Méridien Etoile on a combination of cash / reward points. The combo deal was way cheaper than paying the full rate or using only points. Since we didn’t plan to stay much in the hotel, we didn’t focus too much on luxury or ambiance.
  • Schedule: Given that I was 24-weeks pregnant and nearing my third trimester, I wanted to take it easy. Usually I am always on-the-go and love to make the most of all my travel. However on this trip, I didn’t plan too many activities, tours, sightseeing, or places to eat. One thing that really helped was we didn’t schedule or plan anything till after lunch. That way we could sleep in, beat the heat on the days it was sunny, and enjoy the cool springtime evenings.
  • Dining: Asking for recommendations on Instagram and Facebook was really helpful. One of my friends (featured on the #PowerWomen Series) suggested we try this Lebanese restaurant. It was amazing and one of our best dining experiences. For some reason I was craving Indian food on the trip and we ate at this restaurant twice! It was pretty good and not overly heavy like most Indian restaurants.
  • Sweets: Paris is known for it’s pastries and baguettes. Since I am mostly vegetarian it was tough to find healthy meatless options at most cafes. Also my OB gave me stern warnings not to overeat on sugar and carbs since diabetes runs in my family. While I did sometimes overeat on meals and dessert, walking helped balance it out.
  • Restroom Sitch: I drank tons of water during the trip to stay hydrated and cool. As any pregnant person knows, you will have to go to the bathroom lots during pregnancy. Thankfully bathrooms are pretty accessible throughout the city. I mostly went to cafes instead of trying the public restrooms. Be aware that most restrooms are in the basement and you have climb stairs (stairs always leave me out of breath in my second trimester!).
  • Sightseeing: After learning my lesson in Bali, we didn’t schedule any all day tours. Instead, we decided to do day trips outside of Paris over the weekend.
    • Giverny: I booked a tour to see visit Giverny, where Monet was inspired by many of his paintings. For two people the tour was 166 Euros and honestly for the cost, the tour was a let down. While the garden’s were beautiful, there are many free gardens all over Paris. We would have preferred to at least see the town of Giverny instead of just Monet’s house and the gardens. I would give this tour a skip if you are only going to Giverny.
    • The Palace of Versailles: Thankfully I redeemed myself with this trip. I did some research and found out that Versailles is accessible by metro. Rather than book a tour, we booked tickets online ( 27 Euro per person) and paid about 12 Euros roundtrip to get there and back. Since we wanted the trip to be relaxing, we didn’t get to the palace bright and early. Instead, we arrived at 4pm! That was a little too late but we made it work. It was enough time to visit the Palace, tour the gardens, catch a musical fountain show, and get a ice cream and macaroons in the gardens at Angelina’s. While the Palace was packed with tourists, most with their iPhones out the entire time blocking views, the gardens were peaceful and serene.




  1. Such a fab location for a babymoon! You looked lovely in blue!

  2. Alisha says:

    You look fantastic. This post makes me want to visit Paris again soon. I also agree with your take on Giverny. We visited as a part of an all day tour with multiple stops. We only spent 2 hours there.

  3. You look amazing Kamana.. love that blue off shoulder dress. I had such a bad dining experience in Paris because I did no research… next time I go I will plan better. Scared going there these days, things have changed. :-(
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  4. Beautiful post Kamana. Sounds like you had a lovely and relaxing break. Love the photos too. You look stunning!

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  6. Gorgeous outfit!
    And it would be so hard to stick to sensible food while visiting Paris!
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  7. You know I’ve only been to Paris once and passed up the chance to go to Versailles. Next time it’s definitely on my list of things to do. And a sweet tour of the city!

    xx Yasmin