Pop! September 2017

// Location: Westin Bali // Dress c/o: Rent  A Dress SG //

We have some exciting news to share – Baby B is arriving this September! I am excited to share this new chapter of my life with you. This probably explains my 4-month break from blogging and social media a little better too. Thank you so much for your support during this time. Click below for a little recap of the last four months and more on this new chapter!

Highlights from the past four months!

  • The news!: A blessing from the Universe, we found I was expecting Christmas Day morning. Learning I was expecting was such a beautiful moment. Some people asked if I was surprised. During the month of December, I started to notice a lot changes in my body from my appetite to energy-level. I had a hunch I was pregnant and the test confirmed that Christmas Day!
  • Pregnancy Journey: The most important thing I’ve learned so far is that everyone’s journey is unique. As a mom-to-be, wife, sister, daughter, friend – I have learned so much during this time and still feel like I have so much more to learn. Thankfully, my family is always there to guide me and my closest friends are all expecting during the time too! I am truly thankful to have such a strong support system.
  • Sharing: Everyone’s decision regarding their family is their own. I’ve decided not to share personal details about my pregnancy, baby photos, family,  etc. on the blog .  I will share updates like my prenatal workouts, meal plans, and maternity fashion!
  • Changes: One of most interesting things about pregnancy is how much life changes week to week! On the blog front, I don’t plant to make many changes to the content except add more inspiring interviews from the #PowerWomen series and share more about my belief in spirituality. I may not be able to be as regular on the blog, but I will be updating Instagram and Insta stories more often!

On the life front, my first trimester was a little tough with nausea and tiredness. Now that I am 22 weeks and in my second trimester, I feel a lot much better. We celebrated our anniversary with a trip to Bali! It was so wonderful to relax and enjoy five days in such a beautiful place. I will be sharing more about our Bali trip in my next post. Here are a few of my favorite moments from Bali!




  1. Congratulations babe. You are glowing and looking gorgeous mom to be