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On weekends, I like to wake up with a steaming cup of chai and catch up on my favorite blogs. The first one I start with is A Fashionista’s Dairy. I’m amazed by how on-point A Fashionista’s Dairy is from capturing events right as they happen to their sartorial reviews. A Fashionista’s Dairy sets the standard for South Asian fashion blogs. If you are like me, I always want to know more about the person behind the blog. Who is A Fashionista’s Dairy, where are they based, and how do they stay so current in the competitive world of blogging?!


You may remember I mentioned A Fashionista’s Dairy on my Five to Follow – South Asian Fashion Blogs post this summer. Safriya Farook, the founder of A Fashionista’s Dairy, kindly tweeted my post to her 5,000+ followers. We started messaging back and forth which led to this interview!

Blogging for the last two months, I’ve come to realize how much time and effort goes into running a blog. You really have to be dedicated, professional, and appreciate the people who read your blog. Bloggers like Safriya Farook and her team inspire me to keep cultivating my craft and take Social and Style to the next level!

Profile Spotlight – A Fashionista’s Dairy – Safriya Farook

  • What sets your blog a part from other South Asian Fashion Blogs? I started discussing fashion on Twitter and was amazed that so many people were interested in my tweets! My followers on social media motivated me to start blogging. That’s what sets A Fashionista’s Dairy a part from other South Asian fashion blogs – our take on fashion really resonates with our readers.
  • How have you seen South Asian fashion evolve since you started blogging? It’s now a highly competitive market with a lot of influence from Hollywood. Also stylists have a lot of say in who the “IT” designers are. One recent trend I’ve noticed is stylists want to be named when I feature celebs they’ve worked on. In Hollywood, stylists are more behind the scenes. I’ve even had stylists email me asking to change the wording in a post, which isn’t really practical. Not every look is going to be a hit all the time.
  • As a fashion blogger, what is your greatest challenge and greatest success? My biggest challenge is time. Living in North America, I work India hours to cover events and make sure I am posting articles right as they happen. A lot of work goes into each post from getting the right photographs to IDing outfits. What I love most and what keeps me going is the appreciation from readers. Twitter is the space where I connect with followers directly. I put my heart and soul into the blog and it feels great when people appreciate your work.
  • Who are the next-gen South Asian designers we should keep an eye out for? I gravitate towards pieces that can be worn everyday for both Indian and non-Indian looks. Frou Frou by Archana Rao and Huemn  are two designers I really like these days.
  • Who is your favorite stylist and celebrity fashion icon? When it comes to styling, Anaita Shroff Adajania from Vogue India is doing great things with Deepika Padukone. As far as celebrities, Kangana Ranaut is my favorite. She experiments, looks amazing, and does her own thing. I really don’t like over styled looks – care free is the way to go!
  • What’s next for A Fashionista’s Diary?! South Asian fashion blogs are popping up everyday. I want to break through the competition with the A Fashionista’s Dairy team (Rashmi Nayak and Yasmin Yosef) and make A Fashionista’s Diary THE go to source for South Asian fashion.



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Stay in touch with A Fashionista’s Dairy – > Safriya, Rashmi, Yasmin, Blog, Instagram

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  1. jeevitha says:

    Love both Deepika n kangana style statements

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