A Beginners Guide to Daring to Dream with ReeMat Designs

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Daring to dream. When I close my eyes and take a moment to be present, I can feel my dreams inside me. As I inhale, the dreams get bigger and I feel them expanding, becoming larger than life.  When I open my eyes, poof. The dreams quickly go back inside. Finally, I am taking the time to ask myself why. Why is it that I can feel my dreams so deeply, yet in the ‘real world’ they seem to disappear. With the business of life, these feelings get muted by daily tasks, to-do lists, errands, and social media. What I know for sure is that we all have a calling – a purpose. For me, the calling is clear yet seems so distant. During my two years of blogging, I’ve hinted at my calling by profiling South Asian female entrepreneurs like Reena Mathur (founder of  ReeMat Designs). Yet, I’ve never had the courage to share my dream – until today. Honestly, it’s not easy – daring to dream. It’s easier to think that a) the life I have now is fine b) my dream can’t happen because (insert excuse here), c) I don’t have what it takes / it’s to hard. When I see others achieving success, I get inspired for a few moments and then start comparing myself. I am finally taking a stand and learning to channel my energy into something more productive. That starts with putting my dreams out there. Deep breath – here I go. My dream is to start my own business that helps the lives of others. Exhale. It feels good to release what I’ve had stored in for so long!

On to the outfit, I wanted to wear something that reflected the spirit of daring to dream. I selected a weave collar from ReeMat Designs. I love how the collar looks modern yet regal. As we all know, chokers are the must-have trend right now and I love this Indian fusion twist. The choker was so light weight, it makes a statement without weighing you down. Since I wanted the collar to be the focus, I wore an off shoulder blush pink dress from Asos. I kept the rest of the look simple and added my favorite Calvin Klien heels (scored at Marshalls!). This is one of my favorite designs I’ve styled. Since releasing my dreams into the Universe, I found four easy steps that help me to dare to dream. I am so excited to share them with you!

A Beginners  Guide To Daring To Dream with ReeMat Designs

  • Step One: Identify what brings you joy and when you feel the most fulfilled. Start a note in your phone and write down times when you feel joy in doing something. For me those feeling come from creating things such as a blog posts, meals, projects or even social media posts.
  • Step Two: Do more of what you found out you loved doing in step one – and figure out what’s holding you back from doing even more. Almost always the answer is fear. Am I good enough, will people like what I create, I don’t know how to start, it seems too hard, I see other people doing it and I am not nearly as talented, smart, or gifted as them. These are just some of the thoughts that we all have to face. Figuring out what you are afraid of and what’s holding you back is the only way you can move forward.
  • Step Three: Take responsibility for the excuses are you making. I don’t have time, I’m too old, I have other responsibilities, I don’t have what it takes, I’ll put it on hold till the time is right. The one thing I’ve learned from all the #PowerWomen interviews is – if you want to make something happen – you just have to start. There will never be the perfect time – you just have to take the first step.
  • Step Four: Keep believing and keep doing. For me, this is the most important step. I’ve come up with a few ideas. Shared them with close family and friends, but then find some reason why the idea won’t work. First I need to believe that idea will work, and if it doesn’t – keep exploring, believing, and doing until I find something that clicks. I know it’s out there and it will happen!

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Disclosure – this post was sponsored by ReeMat Designs. As always – all opinions are my own

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