My Sister’s Garden Themed Baby Shower

Garden Themed Baby Shower Dresses

Next month, I will be a Masi 2x! Being a Masi (Aunt) is such an amazing feeling and a role I treasure deeply. My nephew Shaan has brought so much joy into our lives and we can’t wait for Shaan’s little sister to arrive. To celebrate, we held a Garden Themed Baby Shower for my sister. Since I was moving to Singapore the following week, my Mom and I planned the baby shower over the phone and got all the decorations three days before the celebration! Thankfully we had a lot of support from our family and friends. From my best friend Ashima, who designed the beautiful cake, to my friends who helped with all the clean up – the shower was perfect. My sister does so much for our family and is always there to support me. We were so excited to shower her with love and celebrate!  Here’s how we planned the shower and my favorite memories!

My Sister’s Garden Themed Baby Shower

  • Theme – A theme helps bring all the elements of a baby shower together from the decor to the favors. Since my sister is having a girl, we decided on a garden themed baby shower full of pink and white flowers.
  • Decor – Arriving in town three days before the baby shower, we hit the ground running as soon as I arrived. Given the baby shower was on October 29th, right before Halloween, most of the party and craft stores were stocked with black and orange decor. Thankfully we found flowers, vases, and photo frames at Michaels, Home Goods, and even the Dollar Store! Visiting the venue the day I landed helped a lot as we could plan for the decorations and where we would place them. The restaurant suggested we have long tables for our guests to sit and eat. We bought pink and white potted flowers from Home Depot for the center pieces and wrapped the clay pots in white tissue paper so they complimented the rest of the decor. The BABY letter chalk boards highlighted with flowers on the main wall made for a perfect backdrop!
  • Food – For small celebrations, I love cooking at home. When the guest count is north of 50 people, I am a big fan of catering food to reduce stress. We decided to have the baby shower at Bombay Tandoor, where I had my wedding lunch and reception catered from. The restaurant worked with us to create a menu that was lavish but within our budget.
  • Games – After attending many baby showers this year, I’ve learned that most people play about 1-2 games and then want to mingle. We decided to have 2 games and divided the room into two sides. We had both sides of the room compete with each other, which added to the fun!
  • Favors – After spending hours searching for favors during my wedding planning, I learned the people love favors which they can use during the event like selfie sticks, photo booths, etc. We decided to have flower headbands as our favors and passed them out when guests arrived. Everyone loved picking their colors and styling their bands. They looked great in the pictures too!

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  1. what a pretty party to welcome the little one. congratulations :)

  2. Amy says:

    Love your family and how pretty is your mom!