Baby Style with ZeeZeeZoo

Personalized Onesie c/o ZeeZeeZoo

Vanakkam and Sat Sri Akal my name is Aadhav- I am 2 months old! For his 2 month birthday, I wanted to celebrate our 2-States Baby. My family is from the state of Punjab (Bruaaah!) in India and my husband is Telugu and grew up in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Heritage wise we are both Indian, but culturally we have our own language, festivals, and cuisines. While Baby Aadhav is growing up, I want to make sure that he learns and experiences both cultures. When I was looking for ways to introduce Aadhav to our North and South Indian backgrounds, I turned to one of my favorite children’s brands  – ZeeZeeZoo. As a Masi, I found the perfect gifts for my nephew and niece thanks to ZeeZeeZoo. As a mom, I discovered I could create personalized onesies for my little one. Vanakkam and Sat Sri Akal mean “Hello” in Tamil and Punjabi. I loved designing this outfit for Aadhav’s second month birthday to celebrate his 2-States background! Also so many of you asked me about the Diwali onesie I shared on Instagram. This onesie is also from ZeeZeeZoo! I ordered the outfit a week before Diwali and it arrived just in time for Aadhav’s first Diwali. I also received the new “Baby’s First Photo Cards” to celebrate Indian festivals and milestones such as baby’s first steps.  I would love to hear how you celebrate two cultures in the comments below!

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