#WeddingWear – Sangeet look decoded

Filled with emotion, joy, and love, your best friend’s wedding is a memory you will always cherish. The wedding festivities were kicked off with the Sangeet (if you don’t count the dance practices which were like functions in themselves!). I wanted to wear something bright and cheery to reflect the fun atmosphere. I planned my outfit the day before along with my jewelry. I was looking forward to wearing a new pair of earnings my mom bought on a recent trip to Ludhiana. As I was putting the earning on, the back fell off – 15 minutes before I had to leave! With super glue in hand, I tried my best to fix the earning. Waiting and waiting for the glue to dry, I realized it was starting to get late – very late. As I searched through my jewelry box for a back-up plan, a gold shimmer caught my eye. There I saw a beautiful pair of Chand Bali earnings I had never seen before. Trying the Chand Balis on, they looked better than the earnings I planned to wear! Sometimes things don’t work out the way we hoped, but there is always another way. And often it’s better than what we hoped for.


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