Diwali Fashion Trends

Blue Cape Pakistani Outfit

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Happy Diwali to you and your families! Diwali (Indian New Year) is my favorite holiday of the year. Growing up, we celebrated the festival of lights with diyas, fireworks, and sweets. Together with family, we would narrate the Diwali stories and the victory of good over evil. Today, we celebrate Diwali with cards, parties, dinners, sweets and traditional Diwali stories. For each celebration, it’s fun to get dressed up in our best desi wear. This year, I teamed up with Wardrobe On Web to share my favorite fashion trends this festive season! From capes to wrap jackets, there are so many styles that are comfortable and versatile. Keeping trends, affordability, and style in mind  – here are my favorite trends this Diwali!

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