A Day in the Life of a Celebrity DJ – Meet DJ Biks


When working, driving, or prepping for a blog post – I always have my favorite songs playing. From hip-hop to Bhangra, upbeat songs make up my playlists. I used to spend hours looking for music and artists until I discovered DJ Biks. Known for his unique style of mashups and remixes. DJ Biks mixture of hip-hop, world music, rock, house, and fusion make his sets a truly unique experience. Having known DJ Biks since he first started DJing in Washington D.C., it’s awesome to see him crush it as the Official DJ for Jay Sean and as an internationally renowned DJ playing for A-list celebs like Beyonce, Sean Paul, and Kanye West in the hottest clubs all over the world!

If you follow DJ Biks on social media, you get to see how much fun (and dedication) goes into following your passion and making it happening. I sat down with Bikram to get a glimpse into a day in the life of a celebrity DJ.

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