Style File 1.3

Photo // Expat Living Singapore Street Style Feature!  Photographer Ken Tan 

Life in my third trimester has been full of changes! For the first time since February, I am feeling a lot more tired. By 9 pm each night, I am exhausted. Also – my hands and feet are constantly swollen, which make everyday tasks a lot more tough. Through the changes in my body, I am learning I need to slow down. Working in a startup is demanding and I’m trying to balance my blogging commitments as well. Over the last month, you may have noticed some issues with the format on the blog. About a month ago, there was a tiny formatting glitch which snowballed into my site completely going down! Since then, I’ve continued to have more issues, where I have to call my hosting provider during US business hours. As a result, I’ve spent many nights on the phone till midnight trying to get things sorted out. So far the site is back to normal, but I may have issues with updates I’ve been wanting to make. Thank you for your patience as I try to get the site back to normal. Also – I really appreciate your suggestions on article topics! Insta stories has been a great way to connect with you and hear what you are interested in. Keep the ideas coming. I am starting to work on posts in advance for when the baby comes and love hearing your ideas.

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