#PowerWomen – Meet Rupa Parekh Founder of Umani

Mom playing with baby Jai Jai Hooray Indian God's Flash Cards for Kids

Jai Jai Hooray Flashcards c/0 Umani  Playmat c/o  – Baby Jalebi 

I can’t believe Baby Aadhav is three weeks old! Time really does go by fast with a little one. Now that I am a mother, I’m thinking about how we want to instill values and our culture to Aadhav. Growing up, there weren’t many Indian American children in my school. My mom tried to teach us about our Indian culture and religion by taking us to the Hindu Temple every week. Since we didn’t understand Sanskrit, it was hard to follow what the Pundit (Priest) was saying. We learned how to do arti, recite the gayatri mantra, and celebrate festivals, yet it wasn’t until I was in college that I really understood the meaning behind so many of the traditions we followed. As a mom, I do my best to share with Aadhav our culture and beliefs. I want him to not only learn about our religion, but also understand the meaning and history of the Gods, Goddesses, holidays, and festivals we celebrate. When I first heard about Umani and the company’s first product, Jai Jai Hooray flashcards, I knew I wanted to share them with Aadhav. Umani is dedicated to making cultural learning irresistible through beautifully simple tools, toys and experiences.  The company launched it’s first product line, Jai Jai Hooray, to create a tool that made it easy for anyone to be a teacher or student. I chatted with Rupa, founder of Umani to learn more about what inspired her to start Umani! 

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