How to pick Indian Jewelry that you can actually wear again!

Earrings c/o Sangeeta’s Bazaar

If you followed this blog for a while, you know I love Indian fashion and accessories! Sometimes I think back to when I was a child who refused to wear her Indian clothes in public. I remember one time when I was 10 and my mom wanted to go grocery shopping after a morning puja at our Temple. I refused to enter the store in my salwar kameez. My mom, being the strong mom that she is, would not let me say in the car alone. I finally agreed but only after I put on a jacket – in 90 degree heat! Since then, I’ve come a long way in accepting and embracing my Indian culture. It wasn’t easy but finding a South Asian American community in college that I could connect with helped. Now I love everything Indian from movies to fashion. When I first started blogging, I was into to the latest trends in South Asian fashion and designer wear. While I still am interested in trends and designer wear, I prefer outfits and accessories that will last more than a season. That is why I love finding jewelry that is classic yet contemporary. When I met Sangeeta, founder of Sangeeta’s Bazaar on Instagram, I loved her designs. I  teamed up with Sangeeta to put together our tips on how to pick Indian jewelry that you can actually wear again!

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