#DesignerSpotlight – Janam Maternity Saris & Beyond!

Maternity Sari c/o Janam Maternity

4 more weeks to go! It’s hard to believe that I am 36 weeks pregnant and full term – meaning Baby B could arrive anytime. With each day, I feel more prepared for the little one’s arrival. With the kicks becoming stronger, I have a feeling Baby B is excited to meet us too! As I enter the home stretch, it’s amazing to think about how much my mind, body, and life has changed. In the last few weeks, I feel pretty fatigued (all the time) and my hands, feet, and face are constantly swollen. Accepting these changes and not trying to push myself has helped me understand what’s important and how to prioritize. These days it’s all about comfort. I focus on how to feel calm and comfortable in my everyday life. When I connected with Parul, founder of Janam Maternity, her passion for creating comfortable and stylish South Asian maternity fashion resonated with me. I couldn’t wait to try the maternity sari for myself. As you know, I love Indian fashion but that has taken a back seat during pregnancy since most of my outfits didn’t fit or were too uncomfortable to wear. Janam Maternity has changed all that with the genius patent-pending Maternity Sari! The Maternity Sari is different from normal saris in many ways. First, the sari comes pre-pleated which alone is such a brilliant idea since I have so much trouble tying my own sari. Most important, the Maternity Sari comes with an expandable belly band to be worn around or below the belly. The sari took me less than 5 minutes to put on and I felt so at ease. Janam Maternity also makes Maternity Saris that cover the entire belly and nursing sari blouses! I chatted with Parul, a lawyer turned fashion entrepreneur  to learn more about the inspiration behind Janam Maternity!

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