Top 10 Must-Haves for a New Mom!

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Now that Baby Aadhav is almost 6 weeks old, he’s growing so fast. He smiles all the time and started interacting a lot more. It’s the best feeling ever to see your baby smile and laugh, On the flip side, Baby A has also started a gassy phase which is not fun for both of us. We aren’t really on a schedule yet so every day is different. A lot of blogger friends have recommended Babywise – an eat, play, sleep philosophy for babies. My pediatrician was not a big fan so I decided to wait till Aadhav is a little older to be on a schedule. I would love to hear from you on how you created structure with your little one.  For now, I’m accepting that change is the new normal and remembering to embrace it. So many of you asked about my favorite products or tips for new moms. I’m excited to share my Top 10-Must Haves for a New Mom on the blog today. I would love to hear your top must-haves in the comments section below!

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