#PowerWomen Nirathi and Sheila from Rhythmaya


Every week I receive suggestions from readers on women to feature for the #PowerWomen series on Social and Style. Many of you request that I feature local entrepreneurs and small business owners. Thankfully, I didn’t have to look too far to find inspiration. Nirathi Rao Kalavapudi and Sheila Oak Maggin run DC’s most sought after dance company – Rhythmaya. These ladies teach classes, run a performance troupe, and created the first prenatal workout inspired by Bollywood, Bollywood Bellies! Sheila is one of my best friends and a true power woman. With a full-time job and soon-to-be mommy, Sheila handles the pressures and dedication of running a dance company with ease. Nirathi is one of the most dynamic women I know. With two young girls and a third on the way, Nirathi’s passion for dance and the arts comes through in how she runs Rhythmaya, teaches classes, and performs. Learn more about the first #PowerWomen duo featured on Social and Style!

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