Personalized Baby Gifts with Soufeel

Name Necklace c/o Soufeel

Anything personalized with Aadhav’s name melts my new mamma heart. I have always loved personalized gifts, but there’s something about seeing your child’s name that truly makes your heart sing. When Soufeel connected with me to collaborate, I was excited to try their selection of personalized jewelry ranging from necklaces to bracelet charms. There are so many designs to choose from and best of all the jewelry is so affordable! My experience from order to delivery was so smooth and  I’m in love with how the jewelry turned out. Wearing my necklaces, bangle, and ring, I feel so close to Aadhav. In the last two weeks, I’ve only left the house a few times without the baby to run quick errands, When I do, I always sneak a peek at Aadhav’s name jewelry and send him a warm hug and prayer – letting him know his mama is coming home soon! Just for you, I am excited to share a 10% discount code ‘Kamana10’ for all Soufeel jewelry till October 1st. I hope you enjoy the personalized details as much as I do!

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