#DesignerSpotlight – Meet Anaita founder of Lustre


// Earrings –  Lustre // Jumpsuit – KIRAN X PAWANA // Photography – Hoethdor //

Now that I’m a mom, I’m learning what it means to be a mother. Learning how to parent, raise a child, and pursue your passion is not easy. I always put my baby first and strive to give him the best life possible. At the same time, I’m figuring out how to balance motherhood and my own sense of self. When I was eight months pregnant, a friend introduced me to Anaita, founder of Lustre – a jewelry brand that designs high quality semi precious jewelry for the contemporary woman. After speaking with Anaita, her mission to create jewelry for women who have no age, knows no boundaries, and are stylish without having to try hard resonated with me. Anaita believes that women are unique and perfect in their own way. At first, I tried to shoot the earrings while I was (very) pregnant. My face looked puffy and I felt so huge that I decided to wait until after I had my little Aadhav. Three months later, I still felt like I was not ready. Soon I realized I would never feel “ready”. My body had gone through the most miraculous experience and I decided to embrace it. Even though I don’t look like I used to, I’m learning to be confident in the body and woman that I am today. I’m excited to share my first fashion shoot post pregnancy with you and Anaita’s beautiful earrings. Read more about Anaita and her design inspiration below!

From November 23-28, Lustre will donate 10% of its sales to Aseema. Also enjoy free shipping on all orders over $75 with code ‘#ThanksForGiving’.

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