The Perfect Holiday Gift: Stylish And Functional


// Sunglasses – Spectacle Hut //

Gift giving is one of my favorite things to do. I love picking out the perfect present for my family, friends and loved ones. While some people stick to gift cards, I like to find something that the person will use, enjoy and remember. Personally, some of the best gifts I have received are presents that I use every day. For instance, my friend gave me a personalized mug for my grad school graduation that I use every day. Each morning, as I sip my morning chai, I remember my friend and her thoughtfulness. This holiday season, my blogger friends and I decided to have a holiday brunch at Raffles Hotel. To add to the fun, we had a Secret Santa. Since my Secret Santa gift was for a smart, talented, fashionista – my first thought was something fashion related! Since moving to Singapore, my favorite fashion accessory has been my sunglasses. With sunshine in SG, I never leave home without my sunnies! After a lot of thought, I decided sunglasses would be the perfect gift for my blogger bestie. Since sunglasses can be quite personal, I headed to Spectacle Hut to find the perfect pair!

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