Social and Style Featured in The Business Times!

// Social and Style Featured in The Business Times! //

So excited to share my full-page feature in The Business Times! It’s such an amazing feeling to be recognized as one of Singapore’s top “mom” influencers. When the idea first came to me to start a blog, all sorts of negative thoughts followed. You are too old, not cool enough, and far from the picture perfect influencers I saw on social media. In the beginning, I was hesitant to share photos of myself and didn’t even tell anyone I had a blog for almost a month. Scrolling through my social media feeds, most of the influencers I saw were in their teens and 20s. I couldn’t really relate to them and wanted to see more women like me – in their 30s doing everyday things. I knew there was a gap and I wanted to help change that. Deciding to start blogging in my 30s was not easy. Taking photos, writing content, and sharing on social media takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication. There’s so much that goes on behind the scenes.  When The Business Times approached me to be a part of their feature , I was excited to share my experience! For me, blogging isn’t about the glitz and glam – it’s about sharing everyday stories that readers can relate to. It’s been such an amazing journey and I have you to thank! “My followers make me feel like they are on this ride with me, and I feel their excitement when I share these moments with them,” – Check out the rest of the article here!

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