Celebrate Love With Floral Garage Singapore

// Flowers c/o Floral Garage Singapore //

I can’t believe that the first month of 2018 is almost over! Time really does fly by with a little one. It feels like just last week, Aadhav was coming home from the hospital and now he’ll be turning 6 months next month. With February right around the corner, I’m excited to celebrate my first Valentine’s Day as Mom!  For me, Valentine’s Day has always been about celebrating love. Whether you are celebrating as a friend, daughter, sister, parent, girlfriend, wife –  Valentine’s Day is about relationships with loved ones. To be honest, when I was single – Valentine’s Day was tough. With everyone around me seeming to be in a relationship, it was easy to feel left out. That’s when I decided to make Valentine’s Day a celebration of love. My girlfriends and I would get together for a fun filled dinner with wine, chocolate, and lots of laughter. We would each get assigned one person in the group to get a small gift for. Almost always, I gifted a bouquet of fresh flowers. Flowers have a way of brightening up any mood and they are just so beautiful! Flowers make you feel special and I love blooms that are long lasting and smell so pretty too! When looking for the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day – I picked flowers from Floral Garage Singapore. What I love about Floral Garage Singapore is that they have an array of affordable flowers and gifts! With 14 days left till Valentine’s Day – I’m excited to share my experience with Floral Garage Singapore with you!
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