Our Bedtime

Before Baby Aadhav, bedtime was “me” time. I used to love sitting with a cup of lemon infused hot water, while taking time to unwind and reflect after a busy day. Now bedtime is all Baby Aadhav time! And I love every moment of our laughs, cuddles, and fussy cries. In the evenings, Shiv and I make it a point to spend time with Baby Aadhav together. From what I hear, most babies go to bed around 7 pm. Not our little one! I give Aadhav a bath around 7 pm and from then till about 10:30pm he is wide awake (with a 15 min nap somewhere during that time). After 9 pm, Aadhav is super excited and very talkative. We usually FaceTime with the family and then try to have Aadhav start going to bed. We read our good night books, which Aadhav loves. After reading Aadhav starts to feel sleepy (finally!). I end the night with a DreamFeed and then Aadhav usually falls into a deep sleep. Sometimes he wakes up at 3 am for the next feed, other times he sleeps till about 5-6 am. I’m sharing our bedtime must haves with you. Thank you all for your comments and suggestions on my Diaper Bag Must-Haves post!

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