Tips for a Social Media Refresh

Photo credit – Nin9 Studios

One of my 2018 Resolutions is to be more present and use my phone more wisely. As a blogger, social media is a big part of my life, It’s how I connect with readers, share content, and grow the blog. Thanks to social media, I have met some of my closet friends and found my passion for creating content. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have changed the way we live, connect, and share. There is so much good coming out of these platforms, but it’s easy to get carried away using your phone too much, comparing our selves to others, and generally spending too much time on social media. When I turned 30, it felt like everyone around me was getting married, having children, and updates on social media often felt like reminders that I was missing out. Even though I was doing well in my career and enjoying my life with family, friends, volunteering, etc., it started to feel like I was getting left behind. That’s when I decided to take charge of how I was using my phone and social media. Since then, I do a “social media refresh” each year to make sure I am using my phone and social media in a way that enriches my life. I’m sharing my tips for a Social Media Refresh on the blog today!

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