Babymoon Part II in Paris and a Birthday celebration!

Location // Parc Monceau // Dress H&M //

Good morning, I’m writing today from a cafe in Paris with a hot chocolate on my right and an apple filed pastry on my left. Filled with gratitude, I feel blessed to be healthy enough to travel during my pregnancy and enjoy this time as much as possible.  I had a pretty tough first trimester – I stayed indoors for almost 2 months with nausea and tiredness. Thankfully my second trimester has been wonderful so far and I have been able to travel.  As I write today , there is so much I want to share about how I have been feeling about this blog and social media in general over the last few months. As I prepare to become a mother, I am paying a lot more attention to how I view the world and what I contribute. I feel like a lot of what I post makes it seem like life is great 24/7.  As with anyone, that is definitely not the case and to be honest – I’ve had my share of struggles adjusting to my new life in Singapore. Consciously, I try not to write about negative things since I want the blog to be a place of positivity and inspiration. At the same time, I want to be honest, real, and I am really tired of the perfection portrayed on Instagram and social media on a daily basis. So do I balance? Do I quit? Or do I try my best to put a sincere effort towards being more real on the blog? I’ve decided to go with the latter and share some much needed changes I’ve made my life. Many of these changes were inspired by listening to Oprah’s Soul Sessions from Season 3 – especially Gabby Bernstein and Tony Robbins.

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