Tips for a relaxing Babymoon in Bali

Location // Westin Nusa Dua Bali // Dress c/o Shona Joy Rent A Dress SG

When deciding on where to go for our baby moon, Bali was the perfect choice. We loved the Island’s rich culture, sightseeing, and the relaxing beaches. From the beautiful Temples to the natural beauty, we truly enjoyed our time in Bali. I even squeezed in a fun DIY baby announcement shoot on the beach! I’ve put together a few tips on planning a baby moon. Also – I’m also super excited that we are doing a baby moon part 2 in Paris starting Sunday for 10 days! I would love any suggestions and tips on traveling around Paris and day trips you recommend. Can’t wait to share our trip to France on Insta stories and the blog soon!

Tips for a relaxing Babymoon in Bali

  • Health: When traveling during pregnancy, always check if you are cleared for travel by your doctor. Also, do your due diligence on where to travel with Zikka and other potential threats. Talk to your doctor about any concerns and decide on a baby moon location where you and your baby will feel safe.
  • Location: One of the benefits of living in Singapore is there are so many places to travel within a few hours. We picked Bali since we could do both beach activities and sightseeing. I have always been interested in how Hinduism spread to become the main religion in Bali. It was really amazing to see how the people of Bali embraced the Hindu religion and incorporated their Indonesian heritage. There are thousands of Temples in Bali along with waterfalls, rice terraces, and lots of water activities (most of which I stayed away from with the baby on the way).
  • Hotel: We did a lot of research to figure out what was affordable and had the amenities we were looking for. Since our main criteria was relaxation, the Westin Bali was a great choice for us. The property was right on the beach and the service was excellent. There were also a lot of perks such as afternoon tea and dessert buffet for loyalty members which we appreciated. Always check for promotions, we got 20% off the daily rate!
  • Time of year: Traveling during Easter weekend, we knew the island would be crowded. We stayed an extra three days to ensure we were able to experience Bali without the Holiday rush. Looking back, I would have done more research on what was happening in Bali during our exact travel dates. It happened to be Bali’s Diwali (New Year) during our visit. While there were a lot of beautiful decorations adorning the streets for the New Year, the temples were extremely crowded and the lines were really long.
  • Site Seeing: Most people have their baby moon’s during their second trimester when they are over the tiredness and nausea of the first three months. I felt pretty good during the trip although during peak sun hours, I felt really tired and needed to rest. One great thing about Bali is private tours are very affordable.  You can easily hire your own driver / tour guide directly or though a travel agency. We always pick up travel brochures at the airport and do research online since tours booked outside the hotel concierge are usually way cheaper. Given the heat, frequent bathroom breaks, and I wanted to avoid walking up and down steep hills – the private tour was perfect since I could customize our activities.  Even though I was feeling great the morning of our tour, a full-day of sightseeing (13 hours) was a bit too much for me and I needed a full day to recover. Thankfully the beach was just outside our room!
  • Baby care: To prepare for the trip, I bought lots of bug spray, sunscreen, snacks, and comfortable clothes. The snacks came in handy since I would get hungry pretty often. Drinking lots of water helped me stay cool and hydrated. I made it a priority to rest when I needed to and tried not to over exert myself. Packing lots of cotton tunics were perfect since they could fit my growing belly.  My favorite part of any hotel is the breakfast and the Westin Bali did not disappoint. I had to try really hard not to over eat since I have to eat smaller more frequent meals.
  • Relaxation: Laying by the beach and pool was just what we needed.  So much has happened during the last year for my husband and me, the trip was a great way to rest and enjoy time each other.
  • Photoshoot: Since we were on such a beautiful island, I figured it was a great time to do a photoshoot for our baby announcement. I didn’t have a big budget to hire an expensive photographer so I decided to DIY it. My husband took the photos, the hotel provided the balloons, and I brought the flowing shawl in these photos.
  • Enjoy!: The best part of the baby moon is to enjoy this time with your husband and little one inside you. Of all our trips, this one has been our favorite. I also have learned to be a lot more chill on our holidays and not try to do too many activities or be on social media. We had a great time enjoying each other’s company and I will always treasure our time in Bali.



  1. Sounds like you had a great time. Good tips! I wish I’d had a baby moon :)
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  2. Awww I love Bali! I got married there. Can’t wait to go back
    Glad you had a great time and congratulations on the pregnancy.
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