#TravelThursday – Atlantis Bahamas

One of my all time favorite travel destinations is the Atlantis Bahamas. From beautiful beaches to fine dining, this resort has something for everyone. Upon arrival there is a seemingly endless maze of pools, aquariums, and water slides circling around the trademark  pink towers. With superb service, the resort staff goes above and beyond to make your trip memorable. The rooms are spacious and the grounds are beautifully decorated with flowers and palm trees.

Below are a few highlights from the  trip.

Hotel: Atlantis Bahamas
Highlights: The Cove, Royal Towers, The Dig (aquariums in the lobby of the Royal Towers), and Nobu
Recommended excursions: swimming with the dolphins at Dolphin Cay
Travel Tips:

  • There are quite a few options on where to stay – we liked the Royal Towers
  • Even if you don’t stay at the Cove, explore the beach and pool
  • Take advantage of all the water activities like the Mayan Temple slide and The Current river ride
  • Duty-free luxury shopping will make you happy

Paradise Island, Bahamas

#Travel Thursday - Bahamas

 The Cove – Atlantis

#Travel Thursday - Bahamas 10

Royal Towers – The Dig

#Travel Thursday - Bahamas 5

Bride to the Royal Towers

#Travel Thursday - Bahamas 6

Stingray pond outside the Royal Towers

#Travel Thursday - Bahamas 7

Atlantis Beachfront

#Travel Thursday - Bahamas 13

Patio view outside the hotel

#Travel Thursday - Bahamas 11



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