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As a child, our Mandir (Hindu Temple) was a second home. As I grew up, I became more involved in the temple’s activities as a volunteer. After participating in a few cultural shows, I was asked to MC the Temple’s Holi Show. I was a tiny little girl who suddenly gained her voice in front of an audience of 500+ people. Thanks to the organizers who believed in me,  I gained confidence and found my passion for public speaking. This passion stayed with me from school to my professional life speaking at conferences and in front of business leaders. I have always believed in giving back to the community in which I was raised – and support youth as I was supported. About ten years ago, I remember seeing Trisha Miglani perform at a temple event and was blown away by her talent. Last week on my news feed, I saw Trisha appear everywhere from Time Magazine to BuzzFeed. Trisha was selected to be the model for the 100 Years of Beauty – India video. With 4.5 M views in just two weeks – the video is gaining huge popularity worldwide. I chatted with Trisha to hear more about her experience with 100 Years of Beauty!

Meet Trisha Miglani – Model for 100 Years of Beauty  – India 

  • Tell us more about the 100 Years of Beauty Video?! The creators of the 100 Years of Beauty series wanted to depict the evolution of beauty in India. They reached out to me through Facebook. After seeing my dance videos on YouTube, I was asked to audition to see how I came across on camera. The producers liked my range of expressions and knowledge of Indian films and selected me to be the model for the India video! I was flown out to Seattle to shoot for two days. During the shoot, we had such a great time on set. We listened to music and watched clips from YouTube to get ideas for the different looks, expressions, and dance movements from each era.
  • With the video going viral – how do you feel about the recognition you’ve received? Having watched other 100 Years of Beauty videos – I knew the team had a big following. The producers told me in advance to be prepared for the feedback we would receive – both good and bad. We were all excited to see the video reach 1 million views in one day! It’s amazing to see my name on publications such as Time Magazine and Elle. We all put a lot of heart and effort into the video and I am happy people are appreciating our work. Of course there will always be trolls and people with mean comments – but I don’t let that get to me. I am proud of the video and thankful to have been selected to represent the evolution of beauty in India.
  • You are so accomplished at such a young age – what drives you? For me, when I am passionate about something, I do it with all my heart. Pursuing my creative side with dance, modeling, and TV hosting, drives me to explore different opportunities. There is another side of me that loves medicine and I am interning at the FDA in a lab this summer. From teaching dance to learning more about science, I try to balance what I love and find a way to make it work. The key is not giving up!
  • What’s a challenge you’ve had to over come to keep following your passion? Since I have a diverse range of interests, I have to prioritize how I spend my time. My family is really important to me. I was raised by a single mom and I am the eldest sibling. I feel responsible to help support my family. Working with my grandma at her restaurant growing up taught me how to be professional, dedicated, and a people person. All these experiences have taught me so much and helped me mature.
  • What’s next for Trisha?! I am excited to start college at the University of Pennsylvania this Fall! College will be a whole new experience. I plan on continuing to dance and stay involved in the Washington D.C. community. I hope to attend medical school and continue my passion for media and the arts!

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Trisha Miglani - 100 Years of Beauty  - Miss India  Trisha Miglani - 100 Years of Beauty - India 2 Trisha Miglani - 100 Years of Beauty - India 3

Trisha Miglani - 100 Years of Beauty - India 2 Miss India USA

Trisha Miglani - 100 Years of Beauty - India Interview, Bio



  1. Wow!! So much beauty, talent and woman power all in one person!! Thanks for sharing about such an amazing personality Kamana!!

  2. Pooja S says:

    Trisha is so inspiring. That’s really touching how she helped support her family while following her passion. What a smart, humble, beautiful young lady. Sharing this with my teenage cousins – she’s such a great role model.

  3. Bhavna says:

    Saw this video on Buzzfeed. She did great at capturing the look and feel of each era.

  4. This is so lovely! Thanks for sharing. I love seeing so much beauty and power wrapped into one woman.
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  5. So wonderful to read about Trisha. Such an accomplished, mature and poised woman, and yet so young!
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  6. Trisha seems like such an amazing role model for so many young women. I’m so glad you shared her story and these beautiful videos.

  7. Lovely to learn more about it. Thanks for sharing Kamana!
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