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Every week it seems, I am getting amazing news, another friend is having a baby! Seeing your friends evolve from a single-gal to a bride-to-be, wifey, and now mother is a beautiful experience. With each phase, friendships grow stronger when you embrace change and help each other. During my transition from single-life to being a wife, I learned how important it is to be there for one another – during the good times and not-so-good times. While we all have busy lives, taking time to check in with friends, celebrate their success, and be there during the tough times is what friendship is all about. I’m thankful that I have such honest friends who candidly share their feelings during these life transitions. As a mother-to-be, my friends share that while they are excited and thankful to have a baby, there are a lot of nervous thoughts and anxiety that comes with it. Listening to my friends express how they feel without judgement – is what I strive for to be a good friend. As we all know, change is not easy. We’ve all been there when thoughts of doubt and “not good enough” creep in. Now days with social media, most people share what looks like a “perfect life”. Images of the perfect mom, wife, CEO, etc. are all around us while we are constantly told there is no such thing as having it all. Yes we get it, life is about trade offs. And more importantly how you embrace, handle, and accept those tradeoffs.  My goal is to be there for my friends as they go through the emotions and experiences of motherhood. Now on to the fun stuff. For this post, I teamed up with ZeeZeeZoo , a design-led children’s brand that celebrates the whimsy of a new parent. They design tees, onesies, learning tools, home decor and more (and ship globally)! Together we created the Ultimate guide to South Asian Baby Gifts!

One of my favorite things about hearing my friends are expecting is deciding how to celebrate! I love finding the perfect gift to mark each success, milestone, celebration. Sometimes these gifts are as simple as a note or a handmade treat, other times I like to find something online that is both beautiful and functional. One of these places is ZeeZeeZoo.  Here’s  our five-step guide to finding the perfect gift for South Asian moms (and dads!) to-be!

The Ultimate guide to South Asian Baby Gifts 

Five-step guide to finding the perfect South Asian Baby gift!

  1. Multicultural Influences – Look for baby items that celebrating beautiful cultures from around the world. Ideas include bodysuits, tees, bibs, blankets, and other things such as multilingual flashcards and wall prints. I love gifts that promote South Asian culture like this cute onesie!
  2. Unique Designs – Whether you have a little one in your lap or a friend with one on the way, a unique gift is always memorable.  Explore collections that features hand illustrated and beautifully crafted designs.
  3. Natural Organic – When possible, I look for comfortable and organic baby items. ZeeZeeZoo for example uses Indian cotton – brought to life through rich and light-hearted references from around the world.
  4. Socially Responsible – Personally, I like to be sure that what I am purchasing is pure and fair. For instance, I take time to ensure baby items are free from harmful chemicals since non-organic cotton requires more pesticides and insecticides than any other crop. I also want to be sure that the people who pick the cotton do not have to work in an unsafe and toxic environment to earn their living.
  5. Fun! – Gifts are all about having fun. Whether it’s a cute saying or something that brings a smile to your face – gifts that reflect joy and celebration are loved by all. I still remember when my 2-year nephew  corrected my Hindi when using Hindi Alphabet flash cards! We spent the afternoon giggling about how I couldn’t figure out the difference between H and I!

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A few of my favorite South Asian Baby gifts from ZeeZeeZoo!

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ZeeZeeZoo Tee on Stuffed Animal for baby

Disclosure – this post was sponsored by ZeeZeeZoo. As always – all opinions are my own

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