#Wedding Series – Bridal Robes by Pajama Sutra

//Bridal Robes courtesy of Pajama Sutra //

Two months ago today, I was hugging my mom and sister trying to hold back a surge of tears. It was the morning of my wedding, very early morning at 5 am. I had woken up at 3 am, having arrived back from our Sangeet close to midnight. Although I was tired, I had prepared myself for the intense morning schedule. A few months ago, I entered a contest for robes for brides and wedding parties from Pajama Sutra. Although I did not win the main prize, the founder of Pajama Sutra elected to send bridal robes to my mom, sister, and me. With the mantra Lounge Like A Goddess – Pajama Sutra designs lounge wear with flattering, feminine, and luxurious details. Flattering cuts, cozy fabrics, and rose water infused in each design – the robes truly make you feel like a goddess.

The morning of my wedding – I realized how important it is to take extra care in making sure you feel calm, relaxed, and comfortable. Especially since things don’t always go according to plan. I had always dreamed of an outdoor wedding. I can’t tell you how many times I pictured myself walking down the aisle, feeling sunshine on my face and a cool breeze through my dupatta. The week before our wedding, there was a strong chance of rain on the day of our ceremony. While I tried not to dwell on the weather, I prayed and prayed that a miracle would happen and our wedding would be outdoors. The day before our wedding, there was still rain in the forecast. Along with our amazing planner Sagina Wahi, we did everything to try to have our ceremony outdoors. Sagina even personally called DC’s leading weatherman to get the most up-to-date forecast. The morning of our wedding at 4:30 am there was a round of cheers from our photographers, videographers, and makeup artists – the forecast had changed! So we thought. A half hour later, we all collectively realized that our ceremony had to be indoors  – and that was God’s plan.

With my makeup almost done, I wiped tears off my face with the sleeve of my bridal robe. The soft smell of rose water brought a sudden wave of calm over me. My mom tied my robe tightly around me and kissed my forehead. At that moment, I knew everything would be ok. Our ceremony was indoors and it was beautiful. While I sometimes still wonder why, I know it’s more important to focus on all the amazing memories. Including how the robes from Pajama Sutra helped keep me warm and comforted during the rainy morning of our perfect wedding.

Meet Sarena Udani – Founder of Pajama Sutra

  • Tell us more about what inspired you to start PajamaSutra?! I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. Every woman in my family works for herself, and it was never a question for me that I would turn my passion for design into a business. I studied design in both undergrad (UCLA) and graduate school (Stanford) where I focused on textile design. After graduation, my new husband and I took a trip to India, and it was there that I found the inspiration for PajamaSutra. The stunning color combinations and intricate prints were mesmerizing and beautiful in a casual, carefree and feminine way. The cotton fabrics were lightweight and fluttery due to the heavy heat in India, and I found them so elegant and luxurious. I thought it would be perfect to start a sleepwear line with these gorgeous fabrics!
  • How is PajamaSutra different from other sleepwear companies? It’s the attention to flattering, feminine details. One thing I always noticed about pajamas was how boxy and masculine they are. I experimented with incorporating girlish details that you typically never see in sleepwear, like shaping darts at the bust, bell-shaped sleeves, and a flared leg. Other sleepwear companies offer robes that are one piece of fabric from the shoulder to the hem, with seams down the sides, belt loops, and a belt that twists and looks frumpy. A PajamaSutra robe fits like a wrap dress, with a flattering A-line silhouette, empire waist, and a separate bust and skirt attached with a sewn-in belt that never twists. The skirt is made from six panels sewn together – inspired by an Indian Lehnga – so it flares over your hip in the most flattering way. It is perfect for twirling!
  • What advice do you have for brides on how to relax on their big day? I would say that there is nothing more beautiful than a bride who looks calm, relaxed, and comfortable! Choose your bridal attire carefully so that when you are in the spotlight, you can look and feel like yourself – or at least a very glammed-up version of yourself! Take the time to break in your bridal shoes, and make sure your undergarments fit comfortably. And I definitely recommend getting ready in PajamaSutra robes with your bridesmaids! Give yourself extra time for getting ready, as these are your last moments of your single life, and you deserve to make those moments extra special with your favorite ladies.
  • Tell us more about the philosophy behind the #LoungelikeaGoddess campaign! #LoungelikeaGoddess seems to really resonate with our fans! It is about taking time each day to take care of yourself and to make yourself a priority. Many of us have the same ritual when we return home from work, school, or anywhere – we change into our pajamas. That is a moment of comfort, and moment of relaxation. Why not elevate it a little so that it is a moment of luxury as well? What would it be like if we truly enjoyed the way our loungewear fit and looked on our bodies, so that you stand a little straighter and linger a moment longer while gazing at your reflection in the mirror? It’s hard to do that in tattered sweatpants or your husband’s boxer shorts. Before PajamaSutra, I used to wear my husband’s scrubs around the house. Now I’m happy to say that I lounge a little prettier!
  • What’s next for PajamaSutra?! Weddings! Our focus on bridal is relatively new, and you will be seeing a lot more of that to come! There will be several new styles added this year and we may perhaps bring in a bit of lingerie – inspired pieces as well.

Connect with Pajama Sutra: www.thepajamasutra.com, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest


Photographick Studios | www.photographick.com | 571-449-7468

Photographick Studios | www.photographick.com | 571-449-7468

Photographick Studios | www.photographick.com | 571-449-7468

Disclosure – this post was sponsored by Pajama SutraAs always – all opinions are my own. 



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