What’s in My Hospital Bag?!

Getting ready for the home stretch! My due date is September 1st but I have a feeling Baby B will be making his debut early – let’s see! I can’t believe what a difference 2-weeks makes when you are pregnant. At 34 weeks – I will still pretty active, able to get around, and busy with baby prep. Since then, my energy level has dropped considerably. My hands and feet are still constantly swollen and my back is strained with the baby’s growing weight. Over the weekend, I could hardly leave the house, but finally did to go to the Temple (to receive blessings for our Baby B) and get my eyebrows done. My husband said he’s never seen me so determined than that Saturday evening when I just had to get my brows fixed up! Honestly, the last few days have been pretty overwhelming. When I feel the kicks and flutters of my little one – those feelings fade away. I am focusing on the blessings and excitement of meeting Baby B soon. It’s tough but so worth it.  If you follow me on Instastories, you know we finished the nursery just in time! I can’t wait to do a reveal soon. In the meantime, I’m exited to share what’s in my hospital bag. Please let me know if I am missing anything!

What’s in My Hospital Bag

A lot of you asked what’s in my hospital bag so I thought to share a few of the things my family and friends said I MUST have!

  • Paperwork: Pre-registering at the hospital is such a time saver. I have all our registration forms, passports, and marriage certificate since we having our baby abroad.
  • Nursing Bra – Almost everyone I know recommended these since they are so stretchy and comfy. I actually have been wearing mine for the last month since I don’t fit into my regular ones anymore!
  • Phone charger: Hopefully I can play music in the labor room and I am sure my hubs will be on the phone since there is a lot of waiting on their end.
  • Nursing Cami – Yup I’ve started wearing these already too. The Camis are super smooth and slimming too!
  • Toiletries: Sometimes having your own things like face cream, soap, and shower flip flops can be so comforting. I remember my sister was so glad she packed her own toiletries, makeup bag, and bath items like towels.
  • Nipple Butter – A bit TIM but so many people said this cream is so helpful when breastfeeding and it’s organic too!
  • Comfy nursing gowns: I hear things can get a bit messy so I bought some inexpensive MuMu night gowns. After looking for weeks,  I could only find extra-large size in Singapore so they’ll have to do!
  • Sleep robe: Since my mom and sister will likely not be there for the delivery, I packed the robes we wore while getting ready for my wedding so they feel close to my heart.
  • Baby Bag: I’ve packed a bag for the baby which includes a going home outfit, swaddle, and burpy Bib. The hospital provides most things for the little one so we should be all set.
  • Hubby bag: A few friends suggested my hubby pack a bag with his laptop, snacks, and a blanket and pillow since the extra cots in hospital are pretty uncomfortable.
  • Anything else I need?! Please let me know in the comments section below?!


  1. Avni B says:

    Brest pads and nipple shields. Some women experience bleeding or sore nipples carrying a pair of shields may make feeding easier. Make sure you have them steralized before hand. Good luck!

    I’m due on 1st Sept too. Can hardly wait!

    • Hi Avni,

      Congratulations! So exciting we had the same due date. Baby Aadhav came a week early and I am so thankful for your tips. The nipple shields came in so handy! I wish you all the best with your delivery and sending prayers and blessings your way <3

  2. Seems like you have everything covered!
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  3. Oh Kamana.. I can’t help you there – I wouldn’t know.. but heartiest congrats.. it’s so exciting! I would probably definitely take my phone, I can’t live without my phone – maybe you’ll have some downtime. :-) Good luck!!!!
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